Monday, February 9, 2015

Following Up

I thought I would follow up on a few topics covered in recent My Two Cents.

On the day I talked about Tiger Woods perhaps facing a crossroads in his golfing career (Staring Into the Abyss) he walked off the course after completing just 11 holes in the opening round of the Farmers Insurance Open.  In classic Tiger style, he blamed back spasms caused by his glutted "failing to engage" putting more strain on his lower back.  Amazingly, the Golf Channel was able to find two fitness and conditioning "experts" to come on the air and defend Tiger's excuse and break-down this latest break-down.  Meanwhile, the calls for the end of the "Tiger Era" in golf grow louder.

Shortly after I shared my outrage with President Obama's plan to tax distributions from 529 Educational Savings accounts (The Sharks Are Circling) the White House dropped that proposal.  Even the most hard-core tax and spend liberals like Nancy Pelosi came out in opposition to the plan--pointing out that the vast majority of 529 investors are middle-class Americans who vote.  But don't think this idea--or my fear that Roth IRA's will be the next "tax free" tax target--is going away anytime soon.  Remember "Hillarycare" was the trial balloon that later became "Romneycare" in Massachussetts and then "Obamacare" nationwide. 

It looked like a foregone conclusion that my prediction of a Seattle Seahawks comeback victory in the Super Bowl (Super Thoughts) was going to come to fruition.  And then, the team that ran the ball more than any other in the NFL this season decided to get swept up in the "modern approach" to the game and go spread/empty backfield on a 2nd down and goal from the 1-yard line.  It was poetic justice that the pass was intercepted--one of the two out of three bad things that can happen every time you throw.  I felt bad for Russell Wilson--but I doubt that will send his career into a tailspin.

And finally, I took my wife to task at the end of last year talking about the outrageous amount of stuff we took to Hawaii ten years ago (First World Problems).  After about six "practice packs", I am proud to report that we shall be traveling back to Hawaii with two fewer bags later this week.  It's amazing what airline bag fees will do to your need to bring along a few extra shirts, sweatshirts and jackets "just in case" Hawaii sees its first Polar Vortex in history.  We are still bringing more electronics than can be plugged into our new 7-port USB Charger--but I guess that's the price you pay for "modern convenience".

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