Monday, June 22, 2015

Hope It Was Worth It

One of my favorite things on a day or night with a Packers home game is to follow the Twitter feed of Green Bay Press Gazette report Doug Schneider.  He sits by the police scanner and tweets about all of the police and emergency medical calls in and around Lambeau Field--using the hashtag "#scannersquawk".  Saturday was an early summer bonus as the Jason Aldean/Kenny Chesney concert brought 50-thousand fans to Lambeau--many of whom were in the mood to drink heavily and act foolishly.

The parking lot to Lambeau opened a full three hours before the concert started--at 1:00--and it sounded like many took advantage (at a cost of $40 per vehicle, I might add--just to park).  We had early reports of fights outside the stadium (leading some to wonder if perhaps fans of other country music stars had shown up and were trash talking Kenny Chesney fans).  Several of those fights involved women fighting other women--which I'm sure involved whose Daisy Dukes were showing the most behind.

Another couple of calls involved people who were passed out just outside of the entrance gates to the stadium.  Here you had folks that dropped somewhere between $257 to sit in the "Sand Bar" to $41 (plus "convenience fees") for tickets and they somehow weren't even able to stay sober enough to get into the building.  It also makes me wonder, where are the people they came with?  Were they inside Lambeau saying "Hey, where's Mike?" "I think he passed out in the ticket line!" "Wow, sucks to be him!"

And once the show started, the show really started.  "Highly intoxicated male/female" was by far the number one call.  They were finding them passed out in the stands, on the concourse and next to the toilets and urinals in the bathrooms.  Some weren't so lucky as to make it to the Little Boys or Girls rooms.  There were a couple of calls for people who had "wet themselves" and one for a guy that decided to "drop a deuce in his trousers".  You really have to love country music to be unable to leave your seat for the few minutes required to take a dump.  And speaking of bathrooms, one couple was caught "sharing a stall" in one of the ladies rooms--doing what couples do when you combine copious amounts of alcohol and the romantic setting of a concrete stadium restroom ("So why did you name your daughter Lambeau")

The fights continued inside the stadium as well (stupid Brad Paisley fans thinking they are gonna root for their guy in Lambeau Field!).  You also had the guy who snuck in a "large amount" of small liquor bottles--and when people around him ratted him out to security, he spent the rest of the show berating them and threatening to beat them up.  Just another night of good, clean, family fun at the ballpark.

Hopefully those fans were able to sleep off the hangovers on Sunday, because Country USA in Oshkosh starts on Tuesday night--and that's FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS of uh, great music to enjoy--or not even remember attending.

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