Thursday, June 25, 2015

Waving the Loser Flag

One of the best responses to the Confederate Flag controversy this week was posted by one of the comedians I follow on Twitter.  He expressed his hope that the flag would never be banned because "It's the easiest way to identify the biggest idiots in our society."  And he is right.  I doubt that those flying the Stars and Bars over their campsites at Country USA this week are neurosurgeons taking a week off from the operating room.  You don't see Confederate Flag back window stickers on many Mercedes or BMW's either.

While those who choose to defend public display of the Confederate Flag claim it's "honoring Southern heritage" or it somehow stands for "states' right", it is first and foremost the symbol of a losing cause.  You are flying the flag of a bunch of losers.  We fought the bloodiest war in our history to decide that the virtues and principals embodied by the Stars and Stripes were going to the be ones by which all 50 states are going to abide.  And I think that it turned out pretty good.

The Charleston shootings have also led to call to flat out ban public display of the Confederate Flag.  Supporters point out that in Germany, the display of the swastika and all other Nazi symbols is illegal--even the extended arm salute.  But keep in mind that Germans don't have the First Amendment protections provided to us Americans (and guaranteed by the Union victory).  Besides, it's important that we not try to run from our history and try to whitewash it be removing everything that people of today might find offensive.

So keep on flying your Conferderate Flags there, "Mr Rebel".  And keep installing the horn that plays "Dixie" in your car.  And don't be afraid to wear the Stars and Bars handkerchief on top of your head to keep your Skullett from burning.  It just helps us to more easily identify you idiots and losers.

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