Monday, November 16, 2015

A Not-So-Subtle Reminder

You know how President Obama likes to say that global climate change is the "greatest national security threat we face"?  He used it as his rationale for imposing arbitrary carbon emissions standards on US power plants--which will add hundreds of dollars a year to energy bills for low- and middle-income families.  He cited it as a reason for unilaterally killing the Keystone XL pipeline--which would have increased our access to non-Middle Eastern, Canadian oil in a way that would not require transportation in rail tanker cars--like the ones that derailed in Watertown just a couple of days after the President stomped out the pipeline.

Well the Paris attackers provided us--and the world--with another, not-so-subtle reminder of what is truly the greatest threat to our national--and global--security: radical, militant Islam.

As fate would have it, the world's number one global climate change alarmist--Al Gore--was in Paris on the night of the attacks.  He was hosting a concert to raise money for his anti-business efforts--I mean to "raise awareness of global climate change"--at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.  Among those on the bill were Bon Jovi and Elton John.  Mr. Gore ended up pulling the plug on the show early--as the event to cause alarm over a projected threat was just a couple of miles away from an actual global threat actually killing people.

Meanwhile, Paris is also supposed to be the site of a global climate change summit in a couple of weeks--where world leaders were going to voluntarily restrict their economic and societal growth in the name of "saving the planet".  But now organizers are not sure if they will hold the event--because of the actual threat of radical, militant Islam targeting the summit.  I'm not sure what the climate change alarmists have to worry about, ISIS also wants to return the world to the 12th century where windmills were your main source of mechanical energy--and you hoped the sun would warm your house enough during the day so you didn't freeze to death at night.

You would think that Friday's incident would have brought some clarity to those on the Left about what constitutes a "threat" to national security.  But just hours after no one at the Democratic Presidential debate could bring themselves to identify the Paris attackers as "radical Islamists", Bernie Sanders was right back out there telling a rally that what happened in Paris, and Beirut, and Nigeria, and on-board the Russian plane in Egypt, and Somalia, and Egypt again, and Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Yemen and in Paris once before--this year alone aren't that grave a threat--and that you driving your car by yourself to work everyday is what is really a danger to society.

Fortunately, we no longer have to worry about Iran getting nuclear weapons and making this "non-threat" even worse--since they have promised to inspect themselves and let us come in at any time--with 24-days advance notice, of course.

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