Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Now Is the Time To Make Your Case

Those of us not alarmed by "Global Climate Change" like to poke fun of those trying to propagate that agenda when Mother Nature doesn't quite comply with their storyline.  The United Nations climate report that shows global temperatures went up another one tenth of one degree in the preceding year always seems to come out when the northern half of the US is dealing with record cold or a cooler than normal spring.  And then there was the infamous Climate Change Summit that had to be canceled due to a blizzard in Washington DC.  But if there was ever a time for Global Climate Change Alarmists to be out selling their agenda--it would be this week.

What more proof of the destructive nature of global warming can you find than the weather we are seeing in Wisconsin this week?  High temperatures more than 20-degrees above normal?  Surely this is a sign that we have crossed some imaginary threshold and life in this area will never be the same.  And what better time than to gain the sympathy and support for your desire to exert total control over the US economy--under the auspices of making the weather "more normal"--than now?

I thought for sure I would see the Climate Change Alarmists at Lakeshore Golf Course yesterday--which was full of players (many in shirtsleeves and shorts) getting in very late season rounds.  Those "concerned about the planet" should have been telling us golfers that it would be "better" if we all had put away our clubs weeks ago because it should already be too cold to play. 

Perhaps the Alarmists were at the local schools--where they are more likely to find a sympathetic ear.  They must have been teaching the kids that it would "better for the planet" if they were on the playground this week bundled up in heavy coats, hats and mittens  instead of running around in warm sunshine.  They probably could have found plenty of students at the college to talk to and convince to join the cause this week--maybe even form a protest march--well once they stop throwing the football around and enjoying the sun in the Quad.

Or maybe the Alarmists were going door to door to spread their message.  It would have been easy to find people out in their yards or enjoying a walk the past few days.  Then they could learn that it would be "better for the future" if their furnace was already firing up dozens of times a day--running up their heating bills.  Sure, it presents a financial hardship to a single mother struggling to make ends meet and to feed the kids--but hey, we're trying to save the planet here.

I guess the Alarmists must have been holding up signs along the highways telling drivers passing by with their windows down and their feel-good summertime music blasting that they instead should have been on the lookout for freezing rain and scattered slippery patches like we are 'supposed to" have this month.  Would that be more dangerous?  Sure.  But that is the way it "should be" at this time of year.

So come on, Global Climate Change Alarmists, get out there today and strike while the iron--or in this case the weather--is hot. 

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