Friday, August 26, 2016

A New Low

It didn't seem possible, but we may have hit a new all-time low in the aftermath of the Teresa Halbach murder case.  I've debated the last few days whether to address this.  We didn't do a news story on it--unlike some other outlets--because the people behind it really don't deserve the coverage.  But I think everyone else should know the type of people pushing the "Steven Avery-Brendan Dassey are the real victims" narrative.

This week, an on-line pornography website announced it is sending Dassey and his family to WrestleMania in Orlando next April.  Much was made of Dassey's love for pro wrestling in stories about his incarceration and appeals--and how the main thing he missed while behind bars was not being able to watch WrestleMania.  An on-line petition was even launched to get World Wrestling Entertainment President Vince McMahon to provide Dassey with a free trip to the show.

But what the website doesn't mention is the role that pornography likely played in the abduction and murder of Halbach.  I'm sure Making a Murderer spends little time on Avery and Dassey's affinity for watching porn.  There is probably no transcript of Dassey's story told to detectives about the sexual torture that Halbach endured before her death.  And even if you think that Dassey just made up all of that in graphic detail to somehow please the police officers, where do you think a 16-year old came up with all of those ideas?

Don't expect Vince McMahon to jump on the "Let's send Brendan Dassey to WrestleMania" bandwagon.  We aren't talking about someone who was exonerated by DNA evidence--or a dramatic arrest of "the real killer".  He may get out on a technicality--and that doesn't sway many non-conspiracy-theorists in their opinion of Dassey.  McMahon will take any publicity he can get--but even this may be a bit too low of a bar--even for him.

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