Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No Need To Apologize

You know what has been the best part of the Presidential campaign for me so far?  Never having to come up with an apology or an excuse for the candidate that I'm backing.  I can wake up and not fear what's on my Twitter timeline or having people post to my Facebook page a link to another controversy and "Look what your candidate said now!"

Every day I hear Donald Trump supporters stammer and contort themselves trying to "explain what he really meant to say" after he insults and alienates another large group of prospective voters.  "He was only kidding!" is the most popular excuse.  "You know he didn't actually mean that!" is another.  And then there is "The media is taking everything out of context!"  And if there doesn't seem to be any rational explanation for the latest stream of consciousness moment they always like to fall back on "He's still better than Crooked Hillary!"

As I've mentioned before, there is a certain percentage of people for whom Donald Trump could never do anything heinous enough, could never say anything too offensive and could never tell a big enough lie or flip-flop on an issue in consecutive sentences often enough to get them not to vote for him.  But that is a very, very small minority of Americans.  The size of which could lead to the type of a blowout loss usually reserved for Democrats like Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale, Adlai Stevenson and George McGovern.  And those were boring guys who went out of their ways not to offend people or say things that would make people hate them.

But don't worry, The Trumpster is already feeding his sycophants all the excuses they need for Wednesday, November 9th: "The elections are rigged", "The media was biased", "Establishment Republicans sabotaged the campaign to protect their power in Washington" and of course "Hillary cheated". 

I stand by my belief that Donald Trump is running his campaign like the reality TV show that made him famous--start out being outrageous and keep trying to be more outrageous every week.  The only problem is that there's a big difference between getting ratings--and getting people to vote for you for the most powerful position in the world.  And I make no apologies or excuses for believing in that.

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