Friday, September 9, 2016

Still Not Good Enough

Last week I gave you my Badgers predictions for the season (and was more than happy to be wrong about week one versus LSU) now it's time for Packers picks you can take to the bank!

Week 1 at Jacksonville--The Jags are getting better, but not good enough yet.  Packers win 27-13

Week 2 at Minnesota--This is the grand opening of the Vikings' new stadium and in the tradition established by that sad sack franchise, they will lose to the Packers on a missed last second field goal 31-30.

Week 3 vs Detroit--The Lions couldn't win at Lambeau with Megatron in their lineup.  Now that he is dancing with the stars, they lose again 28-13.

Week 4--Bye week.  Local sports talk radio is consumed by the questions "will an early bye ruin the Packers' momentum?" and "Will the early bye mean a more tired team at the end of the season?"

Week 5 vs The New York Football Giants--The G-men are always hard to figure out.  Is this the year they miss the playoffs or the year they win the Super Bowl?  I'm guessing it's the former and the Packers win 27-20.

Week 6 vs Dallas--The Cowboys could be down to their fourth-string QB by this time.  Packers win 31-10

Week 7 vs Da Bears--Chicago is headed to a last place finish in the NFC North and they present no challenge at Lambeau 38-7.

Week 8 at Atlanta--Don't the Packers play any good teams this year?  They win on the road 23-20.

Week 9 vs Indianapolis--Finally, an opponent that might actually make the playoffs this year.  The Pack is due for a letdown--so I'll go with the Colts in this one 40-35.

Week 10 at Tennessee--The Titans are no good.  Packers win here 28-16.

Week 11 at Washington--The Redskins will likely be leading the pathetic NFC East again by this time--but just like in the playoffs last year, Green Bay exposes them as pretenders 34-9.

Week 12 at Philadelphia--The Packers win at Washington the week before could elevate the Eagles to the top of the pathetic NFC East--where Green Bay exposes them as pretenders--winning 34-0.

Week 13 vs Houston--Why do I think that JJ Watt is going to have a huge game in his return to Wisconsin?  Texans pull off a road upset 23-21.

Week 14 vs Seattle--Why do I think that Russell Wilson is going to have a huge game in his return to Wisconsin?  Two losses in a row for the Packers 40-34.

Week 15 at Chicato--With fans in panic mode, the Packers get to enjoy whipping up on Chicago again 34-10.

Week 16 vs Minnesota--By this time Joel Stave may be starting for the Vikings.  He does not have a huge game returning to Wisconsin--Packers 27-10

Week 17 at Detroit--Wouldn't it be fun if Aaron Rodgers won this game with a miracle Hail Mary again?  28-27 Packers.

With a 13-3 record, the Packers are the 2nd seed in the NFC, losing the tie-breaker to Seattle.  they get the bye week and then crush the Redskins again (who likely make the playoffs with a losing record again) 41-7.

Then it's off to Green Bay's house of horrors--Seattle--for another NFC Championship game loss to Russell Wilson (this time in less heartbreaking fashion) 24-13.  Seattle then goes on to lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the highest scoring Super Bowl ever 49-45.

Of course, if Aaron Rodgers gets hurt, that 13-3 immediately reverts to a 3-13 record.

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