Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Numbers Game

We have added a security lock to the entrance to the Radio Ranch building this week that requires a passcode to open.  For years we had been under the "old school" security procedure in our shared facility--trusting that bad people wouldn't figure out the door was always unlocked and make their way inside.  Each individual suite was locked up at night and on weekends--but access to our bathrooms was available--and apparently the beggars that frequent the Super Walmart next door found out about that and were leaving the nastiest stuff you could possibly imagine in there--so the building's owners decided to lock them out.

So now I have to memorize yet another four digit code to avoid being locked out of my own office every morning.  Of course, the code is different than the four digit one I use for my debit card and the four digit code that I use to unlock my Iphone and the last four digits of my social security number--which many financial websites like to use as a "security question" before allowing you to download your information--and it's not even close to the four digit extension for people to dial to reach my office phone line.

Of course, those are all easier to remember than my five digit employee number at the Radio Ranch, and my five-digit bank account number, or my six-digit WIAA officials number that I have to enter into the scorebook when I work a game--or the different six digit Wisconsin State Golf Association member number that I have to use to register for tournaments or to check my handicap. 

All of those numbers are easier to remember than the various user names that I have for dozens of websites that require registration and security access.  I'm on to my second page of those for use in the office and at home.  And because you are always told never to have the same password for all websites, that list is just as long.  It's a good thing many of those sites allow your computer to "remember" you--or I'd spend half my day trying different combinations of usernames and passwords until I get locked out (and have to reset a password I couldn't remember in the first place) or something finally clicks.  Oh, and when you change a username or password on your desktop computer--you have to do it again on your Iphone--or you won't be able to use those sites or apps on the go.

With all of these numbers, usernames and passwords floating around in my brain, it's amazing I still have room to remember every shot from every round of golf this year, the lyrics to every Beatles and REM song and the answers to about 80% of all the questions on Jeopardy every night.  Just don't ask me what my wife's cellphone number is--that's in my "favorites" on my phone.

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