Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Gigantic Waste of Time

Have you ever had your boss drop a project on your desk that you know will require a ton of work and won't result in anything actually being done?  Jill Stein is trying to drop one of those projects on the desks of County Clerks across Wisconsin.  Stein's demand for a recount--which everyone insists will not change the results of the Presidential election and will not find any evidence of outside tampering with election machines or results--will be one of the greatest wastes of time, resources and money in state history.

In addition to the time County Clerk offices will spend recounting the ballots, you will also need to have observers from the Green Party, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party on hand in all 72-counties to make sure that the procedure is conducted in accordance with the law.  That leads me to wonder if the Stein campaign could even find 72-supporters to be in every county (most of them likely don't have jobs to go to for two weeks).  And to meet the December 13th deadline to verify Wisconsin's results, all of those county workers will likely have to work the next two weekends.  Sure hope all those folks had their Christmas shopping done!

The state Elections Commission put the price tag on the recount at $3.5-MILLION dollars--which is the cost the 72 County Clerks around the state put as an estimate of how much it would cost them to review all of their ballots.  And that won't cover the cost of attorneys hired by the campaigns to answer questions about legal procedures.  Corporation Counsels in every county will also have to be "on call" during the recounts to deal with the same issues.  The irony of all of this is that Jill Stein has raised more money to fund her recall threats than she did during her entire Presidential campaign.

And to make the process even more time-consuming and labor intensive, Stein is insisting that all of the ballots be hand-counted--because you never know, the Russian hackers might still be able to access those voting machines--even though none of them are hooked up to the internet.  Even after the state Elections Commission refused to order a hand count, Stein immediately filed a lawsuit to get a judge to order the process--and to add more expense to the recount as well.  And since that suit was filed in Dane County, we can probably expect a judge who also buys into the Stein's delusion of "outside forces affecting the election".

It's a shame that we here in Wisconsin will have to bear the brunt of an ego-maniac's quest to remain in the public eye--and her desire to be seen as a "champion for honest government".  Well, enough of me talking--I'll let you get back to preparing those TPS reports that nobody ever reads.

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