Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Who Are These People?

Have you ever wondered who the "undecideds" are this close to an election day?  When polls show a race being 46-to-45% that leaves nine percent of the folks surveyed as not having made up their minds.  I will grant you that in a Presidential election like this, where the lesser of two evils appears to be the only option (other than writing in actual viable candidates) making up your mind before actually going to the polls may be a bit more difficult.

I imagine the "undecideds" don't go out to eat much.  You've had just two candidates to choose from for almost four months now--how could you possibly choose from dozens of options on a menu in the three minutes between the time the hostess seats you and when the waitress comes to take your order?  They are probably stuck in an old car too--because by the time they make up their mind on the new model, color and options they would like, the dealerships are bringing in the next year models--and the whole process has to start over again.

Some "undecideds" like to say "I'm carefully considering all of the options".  I would buy that--except there are anything but subtle differences between political candidates anymore.  "Boy, I just can't decide if I want totally open borders or if I want to waste money on building a wall that won't change things one bit".  And don't tell me you are on the internet "researching" the candidate's positions--because you are jumping into a sea of misinformation that will drown you in two minutes.

On November 9th, the election results will be compared to the poll numbers going into the election and experts will say "It looks like the "undecideds" broke toward so-and-so in the voting booth".  When in all likelihood, it was the much larger numbers of "fully-decideds" that had the winner chosen months ago. 

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