Monday, January 23, 2017

The George Costanza Era

One of the greatest lines to come out of the Seinfeld series was from George Costanza telling Jerry how to be come a great liar and fool a polygraph machine:

Now fast forward from the 1990's to just this past weekend, as new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer set a combative tone with the press corps by trying to debunk claims that nobody showed up for the Trump inauguration:

I think Sean Spicer really believes that the crowd on Friday on The Mall was larger than when President Obama was first sworn in.  As long you believe it to be true, Sean.....  The better way to handle it would have been to point out that Trump supporters actually have jobs to go to on a Friday.  They don't get to take time off work to "celebrate the inauguration".

Then the Sunday morning talk shows introduced us to a new term: "Alternative facts" courtesy of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway:


So that is where we will be for the next four years, comparing facts to alternative facts in a battle for belief in the minds of Americans.  Just wait til Kramer comes sliding through the door to the Oval Office accompanied by canned audience applause and laughter.

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