Monday, January 2, 2017

Resolution Suggestion

If you are still looking to make a New Year's resolution, might I suggest minding your own business.  Really.  Make this the year that before you take any action regarding something someone else is doing, ask yourself "Is that action really having an effect on my life?"  I suggest this because we have way too many people who take it upon themselves to either decide what is right for other people or who feel it is their "duty" to be "offended" on behalf of everyone else.

A perfect example of this came last month when the student-musicians in the Little Wolf High School Jazz Ensemble had to cancel performances at the Winemaker's Daughter--a winery and tasting bar in Manawa.  For some time, the kids were coming in and performing during events at the establishment while people tasted wines and had a good time.  With Jazz not exactly being the hottest musical format right now, those gigs were probably a pretty big deal for the kids in the ensemble--as they were getting to perform just like big time artists.

But that had to be taken away because--GASP--the establishment has a liquor license.  And that fact was brought to the attention of the Manawa School Board last month.  The issue was not raised by a parent of one of the ensemble members.  It wasn't brought up by an employee of the school district.  Instead, the School Board heard a complaint form a "concerned citizen" that teenagers shouldn't be present in an environment where adults are consuming alcohol without a parent present.

Nevermind that the parents of the kids playing had no problem with the venue--and that the teacher that heads up the ensemble program may have helped the students book the gig--or that the liquor license holder likely made it explicitly clear that the band members were not to be served any wine--"concerned resident" knows better--and the Manawa School Board forced the group to cancel another show right before the holidays.

There is a valuable lesson for the kids to learn from this: always work as an "independent contractor".  Don't do any shows as the "Little Wolf High School Jazz Ensemble".  Instead, book your gigs under a different name.  Go with something hip like "Jazz Hands" or "Blowing It Big Time".

And as for everyone who considers themselves a "concerned citizen", resolve to mind your own business from now on.  Or save your concern for when it will actually save someone from real danger.

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