Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Don't Deserve This!

It's a good thing there are just a couple of weeks left in the entertainment industry's self-congratulations period--because I don't think our celebrities can handle getting any more awards they don't think they deserve.  The awards show acceptance speech now features an almost-required opening segment with the star just honored for their work saying they didn't deserve to win.  They then list every other nominee as being "more deserving"--before moving into the also-required laundry list of producers, personal trainers and other hangers-on "without whom none of this would be possible".

The pinnacle of "I'm not worthiness" came Sunday night at the Grammys--as Adele accepted her award for Album of the Year.  Instead of thanking the Academy of Recording Arts and Science for honoring her excellent work last year, Adele instead questioned why fellow nominee BeyoncĂ© didn't win--and all but ran down into the audience to give her the trophy.

It should be noted that in 2013 Adele swept the Album, Song and Record of the Year Grammys as well--but the perception of her win (by liberals) was very different at that time.  Those awards were seen as "justification" for a woman who didn't fit the "mold" of a typical female Pop Star.  Adele is a "larger woman".  She doesn't wear outfits that show off her breasts and her behind.  She doesn't grind on stage with male backup dancers and her songs aren't filled with misogynistic lyrics about how good she is at pleasing men.  So when she won all those Grammys the first time--it was because she was "taken seriously as an artist".

But this year's Grammy wins for Adele were "tainted"--because she beat BeyoncĂ© (who does wear outfits exposing her breasts and behind.  Who grinds with her backup dancers.  And who sings misogynistic lyrics about pleasing men--but who also happens to be Black).  This year's Adele wins were greeted with howls of "White Privilege!!"--along with how the Academy is "racist" and can't bring itself to honor work done by an African-American woman--and that other white people should learn from Adele's "realization" that she "didn't deserve to win".

All of this passive/aggressive self-aggrandizing comes to an end later this month with the Oscars--where I can guarantee that whomever wins Best Actress will say Meryl Streep deserved the award because her usual flat performance with a fake accent was "sooo amazing!"--and the Best Actor winner will say that Denzel Washington should have won. 

Here's a suggestion for the stars that don't think their performances are that worthy of peer honors: Don't submit your work for nomination.  The academies that give out these awards don't handpick the nominees--the studios submit them.  So just tell your studio "I don't want to be considered for a Grammy or an Emmy or an Oscar" and you won't have to worry about taking the trophy away from the "more deserving winner".

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