Monday, September 17, 2007

So what to make about the Packers 2 and oh start to the season. Even the most die-hard fan has to be pleasently surprised by the wins over Philadelphia and New York. To be honest, I thought the Pack was looking at an oh and eight start to the season--but I apparently forgot the NFC stinks. The Giants may turn out to be one of the worst teams in the league before the end of the season. How pathetic was the tackling display the G-men put on in the second half yesterday. Anyone who can make Deshawn Wynn look like an All-Pro should start scouting for that number one overall draft pick.

As for the Packers themselves--they may be the Milwaukee Brewers of the NFL. You know, a bunch of young guys stuck in a crummy division with a puncher's chance of winning the whole thing. The Bears haven't looked like world beaters so far--and hello--they still have Rex Grossman at quarterback. Detroit is 2 and oh as well--but c'mon this is Detroit. And Minnesota will fold like a cheap suit in the second half of the season again. So the division is wide open and an 8 and 8 wild card team isn't that unlikely in the NFC so just a 5 and 9 record for the Packers from here will keep them in the running.

If the Pack has one thing going for it it is defense. They say that wins championships--and given the lack of a potent offense in the NFC they could be the dominating force in the conference. So enjoy the run Packer fans and raise a brat to rest of the NFC--because you may be the cream of the crap.

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