Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday 9-26

Just some random thoughts this morning:

Can we pass a law that requires people who have trees in their yards to be responsible for the leaves that fall from the tree into other people's yards? I don't have a single tree in my yard--yet the lawn is covered with leaves!! Too make matters worse, we have a fenced in back yard--which means the leaves can't just blow away. I think its time those who own the trees take responsibility for the leaves as well.

You know why we are getting roundabouts at every intersection in the future? I saw three people run a red light at Sixth and Oregon last night. The third car--driven by a young lady and filled with young passengers sped up to drive through the intersection a full three seconds after the light changed red. It's idiots like that make roundabouts safer than stop lights.

Can Prince Fielder please smooth things over with his father. Last night, Prince and Cecil became the first father-son combo to hit fifty home runs in a season in their careers. Prince used the occassion to again rip his dad for being a no-good deadbeat who never supported his wife and kids and now is trying to ride his coat-tails. Young man, it's time to let go of that anger because it will only destroy you in the end.

Which would be sweeter, Brett Favre setting the all time touchdown record by throwing to a receiver covered by Darren Sharper of the Vikings...or Sharper getting two interceptions against Favre to tie that record and returning the second one for a game-winning touchdown.

If the Brewers and Cubs finish tied for first and have a one-game playoff the Crew should start Chris Capuano at Wrigley Field. He hasn't pitched in a game the Brewers ended up winning since early May--but the Cubs cannot beat left-handed starters. It would be like the immovable object versus the irresistable force.

Am I the only one frightened by the cell phone commercial featuring the kids and the grandma speaking in "text language". This is the future of our language--abbreviations, incomplete sentences and partial words. My wife was watching the Emmy pre-show a few weeks ago and I heard words like "delish" "fab" and "the diff". That's how lazy we have become, we can't even say full words any more. OMG.

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