Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday 9-20

Is there anything better than pennant chase baseball? I've gone through a set of AAA batteries this week just flipping channels between the Brewers games and the Cubs games. My wife may have left me sometime this week. I seem to remember her complaints about keeping the TV on just one channel for more than a minute fading away back on Tuesday.

The everyday nature of baseball makes having a team in the race so great. If your favorite college or NFL team is having a great year you have to wait an entire week for that next big game. Basketball and hockey are played three times a week at most. But baseball is there every night--building the tension and bringing the joy or despair.

We had the best situation last night as the action in the Cubs-Reds game on ESPN and the Brewers-Astros on FSN was perfectly staggered to allow channel-flippers to catch almost every pitch and play without missing anything in the other game. I'll never understand why women don't understand the beauty of that.

For Brewers fans, this is extra sweet--given the fact the team hasn't had a sniff of first place this late in the season since the early 1990's. For Cubs fans this is just another opportunity to be hoist upon their own petards in front of the nation--suffering their usual fall breakdown. LONG LIVE STEVE BARTMAN!!!

The only thing that would make this situation better--if WGN Superstation would actually show the Cubs. Why is it they are on every night in seasons when they are out of the race by the all-star break--but when they are in the chase you can't find the Cubs on their flagship station. Oh well, there is a perverse pleasure in hearing Ron Santo groan and cry when Carlos Zambrano gives up another RBI double--in the second inning.

The ultimate outcome here would be for the Brewers and Cubs to finish in the tie atop the NL Central--neccessitating a one-game play off the Monday after the season. A game you would be able hear right here on WOSH courtesy of ESPN radio.

Now let's just get the Brewers a reliever that can throw strikes.

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