Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday 11-20

High school basketball tips off tonight. Two time defending state champion Oshkosh West takes on a strong Milwaukee Bay View tonight--in a game you can hear right here on WOSH.

It's a new era at West, as coach Lance Randall is now at Loyola in Chicago after capturing those two titles. The core players from the Wildcats championship teams are also gone--with Tim Jarmusz heading to Madison. So many don't know what to expect this season.

I wish new Coach Brad Clark the best of luck. In sports they always say you never want to be the guy who replaces the legend--you want to be the guy who replaces the guy who replaced the legend. While Lance Randall was in Oshkosh just three seasons--he delivered on the legacy established by his father for many seasons before.

I hope West fans are patient with the new guy. Keep in mind the Wildcats are less talented than they were the last few seasons. And Coach Clark will likely make some changes in playing style to make the program his own. What I wonder is how patient will Wildcat boosters be if the team struggles early? What if an improving Oshkosh North beats them in one of the cross-town matchups?

High school sports isn't supposed to be all about winning. It's supposed to be about competition, learning opportunities and sportsmanship. Unfortunately, some of the parents and other adults attending games seem to lose sight of that and become wrapped up in wins and losses.

Wildcat fans, you have enjoyed some of the best the last few years. If it doesn't continue the next few years stick with the kids and the coach. You owe that to everyone involved.

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