Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday 2-29

It's leap day. The "free" day those of us on salary give to our employers every four years. Think about it, is your boss giving you an extra day of pay for the extra day of work you are about to put in? Yeah, me neither.

And why do we have to add the extra day to February? Why not add it to a month we actually enjoy around here--like June? The last thing we need this year is another day of winter. It's kind of fitting that leap day brought more snow.

Being serious for a minute, today is a good time to reflect on how we each spend our time. Here are some suggestions for how to spend this "extra" day:

--Help someone less fortunate than you. It doesn't have to be today--since you haven't had time to prepare. But why not contact one of the local charities and schedule a day later this year to help them out? If you are one of those people who are paid hourly, why not donate your "extra" day of pay to one of the local charities that do so much good in our area?

--Spend more time with the kids. Study after study shows kids appreciate time with their parents more than any toy, video game or music player that you're busting your hump at work to pay for. Don't have kids? Why not make this the day you call Big Brothers and Big Sisters or another youth mentoring program in the area and make a big difference in a little kid's life.

--Pamper yourself. Make appointments at spas or salons or your favorite restaurant and make this "extra" day count. Maybe see that movie you think is interesting. If leap day was in June as I suggested we could spend the whole day golfing.

--Don't go to work. Don't even call your boss. When he or she wants to know on Monday where you were last Friday, tell them you didn't have a "leap year" calendar--so you thought it was Saturday, March 1st.

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