Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday 4-17

It's time to end the hypocrisy in this country over China. The final straw for me came this week when CNN issued an apology to the communist government of China for comments made by one of their talking heads. In case you missed it, Jack Cafferty called the leaders of China "goons" and called products made in that country and exported to the US "junk". The communist leaders called the comments a "vicious attack" and demanded an apology. Amazingly, CNN--who holds themselves as protectors of the First Amendment--actually caved in and issued an apology.

Apparently, the suits at CNN aren't into fact checking. The communist Chinese leaders repeatedly crackdown on those who speak out against the government. Dissidents are imprisoned for life after "show trials" and are allegedly tortured until they are willing to recant their statements. The communist government of China also provides weapons to the militant Islam government of the Sudan--which uses those arms to continue their religious genocide in the Darfur region. If that doesn't make these communist leaders "goons" I don't know what would.

As far as Chinese products being "junk", do we need to review all of the lead paint recalls we had last year? Or the recalls due to improperly labeled packages or dangerously small parts that kids could choke on?

So why did CNN apologize for Cafferty's accurate and socially responsible comments? Probably because they fear the communist leaders will ban CNN programming from future cable or satellite services in the future. This is the ultimate lie perpetually repeated about communist China. "There are a billion people to sell our products to"--and that entices companies--and our own government to look the other way on the communist government's indescretions. The reality is that most Chinese consumers are decades away from using any of the products US companies might be able to sell them. Cars? Most roads outside of the big cities in China are barely useable for horse and carts. Farm machinery? Most rural farmers can barely afford to feed the livestock that currently help work their fields. And as far as TV goes, do you think the average Chinese person cares to get 24-hour updates on Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan?

The communist Chinese government may be a great customer--they are buying fire trucks from the Oshkosh Corporation and a lot of earth moving equipment from Caterpillar--but the irony is that they are using our own money to buy that stuff. The communist Chinese government has huge holdings in US financial corporations--securing the loans that the banks give to us for buying our houses or stocking up on Chinese-made products with our Wal-Mart credit cards.

While Al-queda might be the greatest threat to our physical safety here in the US, communist China has become the greatest economic threat--taking our money and our jobs. And for some reason the decmocratic Federal government, corporate America and CNN are more than willing to help them do it.


  1. In the not too distant future, I predict that we Americans will wake up to find out that we are bankrupt, our real estate and businesses owned totally by foreign entities, and that China and other countries have been conspiring for years to break us financially and militarily. While I'm usually the optimist, we as a people have given up caring about what's really happening to us. We're only interested in the latest scandal, celebrity trash, etc. About 5 years from now, we'll finally find out how much the war in Iraq REALLY cost us, both in monetary terms and otherwise. The democratic "debate" shown on ABC last night only emphasizes how pathetic we are. Do we really care who wears a flag pin? Are there NO larger or more important issues out there? I wonder what the history books will be saying about us in 25 years or so. The rise and fall of a once great nation.

  2. Read Jimmy Rodgers book China Bull. The 19th Century belonged to Great Britain, the 20th Century to the United States and the 21st Century will belong to China.
    If you want your children to learn a foreign language, start with Chinese.