Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday 4-23

I know it's not officially Summer yet, but the nice weather the last few days has me ready to make my Summer Resolutions. Most people make their resolutions on New Year's Eve--but I usually find myself regretting all of the things I've failed to do during the summer on that first morning when I have to bundle up to get to work.

I resolve to play at least 60-rounds of golf this summer. That sounds like a lot--but really its just two rounds a week for the 30-weeks we can actually play around here. Round two comes up this afternoon.

I resolve to put the top down on my Jeep as much as possible. I have promised my wife that I will sell the beloved Wrangler when she gets pregnant--since she seems to think it's not very family friendly. (What baby wouldn't enjoy riding with the top down watching the sky go by?) So this will probably be the last summer I get to enjoy top-down cruising. Plus, I have a garage now--so I don't have to worry about those pesky overnight rain showers.

I resolve to put at least a thousand miles on my bike this summer. With gas expected to hit four-dollars a gallon--this will be a financial benefit as well. All I need is a light that works on the handlebars and I should be able to ride to and from work as well. Too bad it's so difficult to bike and carry my golf clubs or two bags of groceries.

I resolve to make as many meals as possible on the grill. I finally have a patio, so no more trudging up and down flights of stairs to get to my grill--so that means pancakes on the grill, pizza on the grill, grilled leftovers, mmmmmmmmmmm.

I resolve to not get a sock tan or a farmer's tan. My wife is always horrified by the tan lines and the stark contrast of my feet and chest--so more time without a shirt on this summer and more wearing of my Birkenstocks. Don't worry, I'll keep my shirt on during the 60-rounds of golf.

I resolve to spend more time at my parents' cabin. I'm not big on fishing (and the lack of cable and internet)--but the peace and quiet is so refreshing. Plus, I don't get any cell phone reception up there--so no calls in the middle of the night to fix a computer problem at the old radio ranch.

Finally, I resolve not to complain about it being too hot. I like it hot and muggy so this has never been a problem in the past. But after this seemingly endless winter, I won't take those sweltering conditions for granted.

Why don't you take some time to make your Summer Resolutions--then go out and make them happen. You don't need to know who wins American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.


  1. Great idea Jonathan! I also spend the winter lamenting about what I wish I could do if it were warm. Then, all of a sudden, it's turning colder again and I haven't done half of it. I also vow to spend much more time outside walking, gardening, playing with the dog, etc. Life is just too short. :)

  2. I can do the grilling thing.... :)