Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday 4-16

A few random thoughts today:

I see sportsmen ignored my plea to forego a wolf hunting season and voted in a wide majority to request the ability to shoot an animal that just made it back from the brink of extinction. Hopefully, the natural resources board will sit on that request for a couple of decades to make sure the wolf population can handle human intervention.

I'm disappointed the Oshkosh Common Council is pursing a questionable policy toward voting on issues raised during the "Councilmember Statements" portion of their agenda. They have decided to place the nebulous phrase "and other potential action items" in with the statement notice. Is there anything brought up by Councillors that can't wait two more weeks to be properly noticed on an agenda for the next meeting? I'll grant you, no major decision are made during Councilmember Statements--but that doesn't guarantee something may not be snuck through in the future.

Why did Al Gore invent the internet? So I can listen to the home team broadcast of the Boston Bruins-Montreal Canadiens playoff series on my computer--since the Versus network has seen no need to put those games on television here in the US.

Several bloggers have noted a very negative tone in my recent "Two Cents". One thought it may have been caused by the weather--and I think he or she might be right. It's amazing how great I felt after finally getting out yesterday afternoon to hit some golf balls on the driving range. I'll feel even better after my first round of the year. George Graphos had better be right about those sixties over the weekend.


  1. Jonathan-
    Actually, the council voted to create a new category on the agenda called "Additional Action Items" that will be placed before "Citizen Statements," and allow for citizen comments just like the rest of the "action items" on the agenda.

    By creating this new category, we have removed any potential action from the "Council Member Announcements, Statements and Discussion" category - formerly known as "Council Member Statments." It also will require proper notice and citizen comments.

    Additionally, we changed "Whatever Else is Pertinent or For the Good of the City" to "City Manager Announcements, Statements and Discussion."

    The changes should allow for a more clear agenda. If not, I am willing to explore new ideas to make sure we promote open government and transparency.


  2. Sounds like a confusing mess to me.