Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday 8-07

I have always considered the Edmonton Oilers of the mid to late 1980's as the "greatest power play in history". Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Kurri and Anderson all on the ice with the man advantage--they were unstoppable. But now, the two man team of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are making a run for the title with the way they handled the Brett Favre "retirement".

At any point did you feel that the Packers had lost control of the situation? Sure, Brett tried to gain the upper hand by going to the national media and pleading his case and claiming he was lied to and trying to get the fans all riled up--but Ted and Mike never panicked. From day one they were consistant: Aaron Rodgers is our starting quarterback, Brett Favre left this team and he's not going to just waltz in the week before training camp opens and expect to run the show any more. They blocked Favre from the practice field and put him on the spot to defend his decision to come back. When Brett couldn't give them good reasons to be back in Green Bay, they basically let him write his own ticket out of town.

The coup de gras came in the way Thompson handled the eventual trade. He didn't give into the "Trade me to a team in the Central Division so I can beat you twice a season" demand from Favre. Do you think Ted ever placed a call to the Vikings or the Bears? He also managed to scare off Tampa Bay--another Packers opponent this year--by demanding more in exchange for Favre than they wanted from the Jets.

So, Brett didn't get his starting job back in Green Bay. He didn't get traded to the teams he wanted to go to and the Pack could get up to a first round pick for a 37-year old quarterback they had no plans to play anyway. Sounds like Thompson might be on the way to a second straight NFL Executive of the Year Award.

As for Favre, I'm glad to see he will finally get the media coverage he deserves in the Big Apple. I've always felt sorry for him playing in relative obscurity in Green Bay. Besides, most soap operas are filmed in New York already.


  1. I am just glad everyone in this area is finally waking up and realizing what a no-class act Brett Favre is, and always has been. He may be the greatest QB of all time, but as a person he is definitely well below average in the kinds of personal qualities that really matter.

    Now if only everyone would finally realize what a @#%$&*@! Rich Allen is ...

  2. ...put this in perspective

    Brett is/was the Quarterback that revived an entire franchise.
    One losing season in 16 years he was part of winning more games throwing more and completing more passes not to mention TD's and even yes INTS than any quarterback in NFL history...
    He should be pissed about the total lack of respect TT and MM gave him.
    He should be pissed because he has never.... Never.......NEVER!!!!!!!.......had a wide receiver that was truly gifted....
    he made his receivers pro bowlers not vice versa....
    TT refused to get Moss, refused to keep his O-line together....
    Brett Favre is a legend to the Packers and to the NFL ...the man came to work every week and made the Packers contenders.....
    He is the reason the TEAM STILL EXISTS… don’t believe me???
    do your research.....20+ years losing seasons.
    What a bunch of losers to kill the franchise… by running this man and his family out of town.
    Lame brained McCarthy and Thompson they are the two that should be run out of town!
    Favre gave everything he had to the Packers and they repay him by shuffling him out the door.
    I've been a die-hard Packer fan my entire life and I never thought something like this could happen. The team has discarded the greatest player to ever put on the Packer uniform and lied about it every step of the way.

    I hope the other players take note of how this organization treats players because any of them could be next to be shuffled out the door.

  3. Brett was forced into it. Thompson and McCarthy are the chumps. They had their own agenda. They told Murphy they did not want Favre and Murphy tried to buy him out.
    They think Rodgers is the second coming of Favre and to tell the truth there are no indications that Rodgers is nothing but a rookie QB. Day in and Day out Rodgers will be under the gun. Mark my words 7-9 this year for the Packers....7-9.
    Favre was your best chance to win and McCarthy and Thompson blew it.
    One other thing. REMEMBER THUS...It was the Packers that put it out there that Favre did not have the mindset to even be in practice. This was all about Packer @#$%ed up handling of this.

  4. Packer fans are so fickle. The problem with most Packer s fans is they are not true football fans just Packer fans. There is enough crow to be eaten on both sides, But to throw this all on Brett is ridiculous. He asked to be released a long time ago. They could have traded or released him then and been spared this PR nightmare. Making up stories about tampering, cell phones, and trying to buy him off did not make the Packers look good. The future will tell us how this all turns out. I bet the Packer go 7-9 this year if Rodgers stays healthy. What will the fickle Packer nation have to say then? You just dumped one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the league and your best shot at the playoffs this year(unceremoniously I might add)! Good luck to Ted and Mike in the future with the quarterbacks they have on the roster they will need it!!!

  5. Great perspective Jonathan. Thanks for saying what so many educated football fans understand. How about the power play combination of B. Bellows, T. Williams, G. Engles, D. Marquart and Chowder.

  6. The fact remains that HE QUIT. He retired. Said, "No more." Then he changes his mind. That is a no-class thing to do. Who can trust someone who does a dumb thing like that???

    Doesn't matter what team management did, doesn't matter if they are the worst people on Earth. Brett Favre is responsible for his own actions. He brought this on himself by retiring then reneging on it. Crying, "They made me do it!" is what children do, not adults.

    NONE of this would've ever happened if he'd just said last February, "I'm coming back nexyt year." He initiated the whole brouhaha by retiring then changing his mind.

  7. last time i checked favre wanted to come back and play for the packers and they said no, not the other way around. packers were obligated to him because he is under contract. they created the nightmare by not releasing or trading him quickly.
    i can't blame packers fans for leaving the front office screwed this up royally.

  8. We are FOOTBALL fans and WE do know what a football player is.
    We also know Romo is breathing a BIG sign of relief at the news he will not have to face a 3-time MVP led team.

  9. Did you not see "The Favre" choke away the Packer / Cowboy game last season? The last 8 years #4 has continually choked away the big games and beat up on the weak teams. After TT and MM saw "The Favre's" performance vs Dallas, then the cold weather games vs the Bears and Giants they had enough.