Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday 8-05

I would have given a day's pay to be inside the room when Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Brett Favre last night. The meeting went more than three hours--and forced the cancellation of a press conference where McCarthy was going to explain the new quarterback situation for the team.

Here's what I think was said during that meeting:

Coach McCarthy: Brett, I know you think you are still the best quarterback here, but we made a commitment to the future and we are standing by that commitment.

Brett Favre--Excuse me coach, can you please the read the back of this number four jersey I'm wearing right now--you've apparently forgotten what is says back there.

M--I'm well aware of what the jersey says Brett, I'm just saying you walked away from this team and now it's Aaron Rodger's team.

B--I don't care if it is Aaron Rodger's team or Brian Brohm's team or Don Majikowski's team--because this is my league. The "F" in NFL, that stands for "Favre" now. The National Favre League. I'm bigger than this team and this game. The people love me. Did you see the crowd at the airport when I got to town. Did you see the ratings for Greta Van Susteren's show when I was on there? I own this sport. They should call this Farve-ball instead of football.

M--Uh, Brett I think you might want to get a reality check here...

B--What's that Coach, I can't hear you over the fans chanting my name and the cell phone ringing with calls from every Favreball reporter on every network wondering if I plan to have chicken or steak for dinner tonight. Just let me text message Peter King here and let him know I'm only doing an interview with Sports Illustrated if they put me on the cover and hype the fact it's the best-selling issue ever.

M--Brett, can we talk about how the quarterback competition will work here in camp?

B--Competition? Shoot, to make it fair I'll throw all of my pre-season passes left-handed. I can already imaging all the fans going crazy, forcing all their kids to throw left handed "just like Brett". Madden will be telling eveyone how the left-handed Brett Favre might be even greater than the right-handed Brett Favre. We'll have to have two Hall of Fame ceremonies--one for right-handed Brett and one for Left-Handed Brett."

M--Brett, I think you've gone crazy.

B--Not as crazy as you'll look when I bury you with comments to the press after Rodgers throws his first incomplete pass of the season. I'll talk about how I would have made all of those throws and how we "aren't giving the team the best chance to win"--because you know I'm all about team.

M--That's right Brett, you are all about team.


  1. Thank you, Mr. Krause, for your willingness to paint this picture of Brett Favre. I have always had the impression that he is really not much of a human being, and his behavior of late only confirms that suspicion. He has been lionized and sanctified beyond all recognition by the local fan base but when you strip away the myth and the hyperbole, he's just a sad pathetic little twit with a dynamite throwing arm. He lacks character. He doesn't even know his own mind.

    Think about it. The man has made his living PLAYING A GAME. Yes, it is a game that millions of us love to watch, and he is awfully darn good at it, but at it's core, it's a game. Who plays games? Children. And like any spoiled child, he wants to keep playing his game, even when it's time to come in.

  2. You go Jonathan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Does ANY fan really want to be jerked around by Favre for another year or two??? If he did this THIS year and comes back, what will he do NEXT year??? Retire then unretire again??? Didn't he learn anything from Michael Jordan???

  4. You respond to JK's post like he was privyt o the conversation. The more I read his crap, the more I realize how much he hates the Brewers and the Packers.

    Jonny boy swings the clubs a couple of times a week, and probably held dummies during his years on the gridiron in high school. Yet now he has the inside scoop on the Packers and why Brett Favre is or isn't good for them.

    NFL football is entertainment. We love how the likes of Harrison Ford or John Travolta grace our aviation convention every year because of their fame. Brett Favre's fame is in the same light as the aforementioned. He is an entertainer. He gets paid to entertain. Stop taking it so seriously.