Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday 9-22

Just a few notes from the Cowboys-Packers game at Lambeau last night.

I couldn't believe how many Cowboys fans there where at the game last night. As I was walking in the parking lot there were a couple of tailgate parties featuring only fans wearing the blue star on all of their clothing. I also noticed quite a few Tony Romo jerseys in the stands all night. Does the "Golden Boy" have that many friends and family members coming to the game? Just how do visiting team fans get so many tickets from "loyal" Packers fans?

Can we officially bury the "mystique" of Lambeau Field as a difficult place to win on the road? I thought it was dead when Michael Vick and the Falcons came in and won in the playoffs a few years ago. Then the Giants win in the bitter cold and the Cowboys get their first "W" ever in Green Bay. Maybe they made the place "too nice" during the renovations.

I was glad to hear the "Bring Brett Back" crowd dominating the call-ins during the post-game shows. They all agreed, the Pack would have scored at least 35-points if "Favre was quarterback tonight". Never mind the fact that Favre would have been sacked eight or ten times--and would have been picked at least two or three trying to force passes in to covered receivers.

How good is Jason Witten at tight end? Big one-on-one blocks during several long runs and one of the Cowboys touchdowns--a handful of clutch catches on third downs to keep the sticks moving--no showboating after a catch. If anyone plans to get me a Festivus gift this year, I'll take an authentic "road" jersey with number 82 and "Witten" on the back.

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  1. I was thinking about getting you a #23 North Stars jersey or a Charleston Chiefs jersey with Hanson on the back. Keep up the great writing.