Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday 9-8

The Green Bay Packers kick off their first post-Brett Favre season tonight. Here are my game-by-game predictions for the year:

Week 1 at home against Minnesota. Despite all of the concerns about starting an untested Aaron Rodgers the Packers still win this one tonight. Let's not forget that the Vikings are starting an injured Tavaris Jackson at quarterback.

Week 2 at Detroit. The Lions looked as pathetic as ever in getting run over by the Atlanta Falcons yesterday. I'll take the Packers in this one as well to move them to 2-0.

Week 3 versus Dallas. Here's where the Packers find out just how far they are from the elite teams in the NFL as the 'Boys roll into Lambeau and just destroy them. I'll even give you a score on this one: 38-10.

Week 4 at Tampa Bay. Panic sets in in Titletown as the Packers lose two in a row. Even with Brett Favre, the Pack has never played well at the "New Sombrero".

Week 5 versus Atlanta. The Packers get back on the winning track by crushing a pathetic Falcons team with a rookie quarterback and weak defense.

Week 6 at Seattle. This is Mike Holmgren's final season with the Seahawks--and they give him a measure of revenge against his former employer.

Week 7 at home against Indianapolis. Some might think there is hope--since the Colts lost to the clueless Bears at home last night. But I think that was due more to the rustiness of Peyton Manning--who missed the entire pre-season due to minor elbow surgery. Peyton will be up to full speed by this time and the Colts will roll the Pack. That puts Green Bay at 3-4 heading into the bye--probably good enough for second place in the NFC North--just a game behind the Vikings.

Week 9 at Tennessee. Panic begins to set in at 1265 Lombardi Avenue as the Pack loses again to fall to 3-5. Tennessee is just too tough at home.

Week 10 at Minnesota. By this time, Tavaris Jackson will be hurt again and who knows who will be starting for the Vikes. Adrian Peterson will likely be hurt as well. Plus, you won't have the Brett Favre Metrodome Curse hanging over the Pack this time so Green Bay gets a must win on the road.

Week 11 back home against Chicago. Last night notwithstanding, the Bears stink and should be fighting with Detroit for last place by this time. Packers win at home to get back to .500.

Week 12 at New Orleans. If the city of Nawlins is still above water by this time, the Packers should make it three in a row by knocking off the Saints.

Week 13 at home against Carolina. I had this in the Packers win column before the Panthers went on the road to beat San Diego yesterday--without Steve Smith. Now, I'm not so sure. I'll still buy into the Lambeau Mystique and give Green Bay the win in this one.

Week 14 at home against Houston. The Texans stink--so make it five in a row for the Pack. That sould probably move them ahead of the sinking Vikings for first place in the North.

Week 15 at Jacksonville. The winning streak ends here as the Jags pound the Pack into submission.

Week 16 at Chicago. The Bears will be starting their four different quarterback of the season by this time and should be in shambles. The Pack wins this one easily and solidifies its playoff position.

Week 17 at home against Detroit. You really think the Lions are going to win an outdoor game in late December? The Packers win to finish the regular season at 10 and 6--good enough to win the NFC North by a game over the Vikes.

Playoffs: The Packers lose another home playoff game to the Defending Super Bowl Champion Giants. Fans are comforted by knowing the Jets--with Brett Favre--didn't even get within five games of making the playoffs in the AFC.

I should point out all of these predictions are based on Aaron Rodgers defying the odds and actually staying healthy through the entire season. If he goes down on the fourth snap of game one the Pack will be lucky to win four games.


  1. What are you smokin' John?

  2. or drinking?
    Watch the Viking defensive feast tonight!

  3. Looks like the Vi-Queens got their garters handed to them last night.

    Nice prediction John