Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday 9-03

Back in April, I set out a list of goals for the summer--a set of "resolutions" if you will that I was finally going to meet. Today, I'll see how well I did.

The first resolution was to play 60-rounds of golf. According to the Wisconsin State Golf Association's handicap index site, I have recorded 43-rounds so far this season. Obviously, I need to pick up the pace here in September and October.

The second resolution was to put the top down on my Jeep Wrangler as much as possible. I know I haven't met that one. Too much rain in June, too many days with valuables in the back (golf clubs) the rest of the time. I've got the windows out right now--so that's pretty close.

I resolved to put a thousand miles on the bike this summer. I have to admit I'm at least 900-miles short of that goal. I guess we should have moved farther away from work. And everytime I went up north, I golfed instead of trail riding.

I resolved to make as many meals as possible on the grill. That one I think I met. Consider that I fired up the Char-Broil to make three hot dogs last night.

I didn't quite meet the next reolution--not to get a sock tan or a farmer tan. As my wife will attest, you could call me "Boots"--given my lilly white feet. And my nice tan ends at the shoulders. They just don't let you go around shirtless and shoeless at the golf course.

I didn't spend any more time than usual at the parents' cabin. Too many weekend golf tournaments. Four-dollar a gallon gas didn't help either. With high school football on Friday nights and Badger games on Saturday--I won't be making any more trips up there this year.

My final resolution was a success. Not once this summer did I complain about it being too hot. Of course, this week was the first time we saw the high side of 90 all summer--so that one was easier than usual.

Hopefully you can look back at your summer and not have to wish you had done more to enjoy it.

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