Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pride of Place

First, a My Two Cents update. Regular listener--and Winnebago County Board Supervisor--Bill Wingren sent me an e-mail yesterday telling me that he forwarded my Two Cents from Tuesday about a distracted deputy driving well below the posted speed limit on highway 41 the night before to Sheriff Mike Brooks himself. At Tuesday night's Board meeting, Bill says the Sheriff knew which deputy I was talking about and that the deputy would be "disciplined". Wingren says the Sheriff would not issue a citation because then I would "have to testify". I'd be more than happy to come to court and recount the same thing I said on the air. We were doing well below the speed limit and I could see the deputy working on the laptop in his squad. It would probably help if the driver of the white car that blew by us--then slowed down when he or she realized it was a cop holding up traffic--also came to court to testify. But I didn't catch their license plate number. As I told Bill in my response to his e-mail, I will now be driving exactly the speed limit at all times in Winnebago County, after checking to make sure that all lights are working properly and that I remain in the center of my lane and signal all turns at least a quarter mile before making them.

Anyway, on to today's real topic....

My wife and I watch the Biggest Loser on NBC. Fans of the show will know that there is a mother and daughter team on there from the Shiocton area. In this week's episode, the teams were sent home for a week to see if they could handle being back in the "real world" and keep to their diet and exercise routines. The challenge this week was to run a half marathon. The local team was filmed running their 13-miles at the Kolf Sports Center here in Oshkosh. The only problem is that when they switched from team to team in their final production of the show, NBC used this "Google Earth"-like sattelite-image effect--and they kept zooming in on "Green Bay, Wisconsin".

Now if NBC had actually used Google Earth, they would have noticed that Oshkosh is about 55-miles away from Green Bay--and is in no way a suburb of that city. Maybe they thought viewers wouldn't notice the big "UW Oshkosh Titans" logo on the wall as the women ran the track. No wonder Oshkosh residents struggle to take pride in where they live--the rest of the world thinks we live in Green Bay.


  1. Shame on you for grandstanding, Jonathan. Why couldn't you simply call the Sheriff's Department and make your complaint about the deputy? Your involvement in local media certainly would have gotten you a phone call with the Sheriff. But no, you have to use your website and holier-than-thou attitude to try to embarrass someone publicly.

    I am disappointed in you. You often come across as a 'do the right thing' kind of person, but you failed miserably in this case. Grandstanding in a local blog was not the right thing to do.

  2. Jonathan. I'm thinking that the officer in question is 5:32 AM.

    He sounds pissed at you. Make sure your house is locked at night.

  3. Oh but grandstanding in his blog and knowing that a reader who's also a local official do his citizen's duty for him, feeds his ego, 5:32. It's so typical Jonathan--complain here but do nothing else about it.

  4. Be careful Jonathan, the cops now know you "squealed" and they all stick together. They'll have your license number and be watching your every move to see you do the least little thing wrong. You should have reported it anonymously and been done with it.

  5. 5:32 is just a union guy watching the back of his union brother the deputy sheriff.

    I'm thinking all the deputies will know what your driving not Jon.

    I give you credit for putting it out there.


  6. If they don't know what he's driving, I'll give them a hint: It's a Jeep thing. Just drive behind the studios on Washburn early in the day and you can see it parked there.

    As far as the union thing goes, you gotta be shitting me. Recommending that someone make a complaint, that looks like it's well deserved, if the story is true, isn't the 'union brother' way...although I am in a union, and a government employee at that.

    No, the criticism here is solely on Mr. Krause. His choice of reporting this news was poor. It hurts his credibility as a reporter. Now this blog site reads more like that national enquirer than it does a legitimate blog site.

    Just "My Two Cents..."

  7. 10:15
    Looks like you got ol Jonny staked out already copper.
    To the rest of your post...
    Have a nice day now officer.

  8. This story and some like it earlier sound like it's just more Johnny's way than anything else. He uses his pulpit to preach instead of making a call that can accomplish something at the time. If he saw a crime being committed would he talk about it on the radio and here but not report it either? Sounds that way.

  9. Face it, Jon's just an entertainer. His job is to keep the ratings up for mega-corporation cumulus.

  10. Yeah, based on their stock performance lately, he's doing a hell of a job.

    Speaking of cumulus, didn't you love the way Bob Burnell said "Pure-Golders" when talking about Milwaukee Washington today on the radio? Sorry, Bob...PUR-golders, as in purple and gold.

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