Friday, March 20, 2009

Ye of Little Faith

First, another My Two Cents update. You may notice a familiar voice on WOSH later this morning. Kate Fetterly, the reporter we had to lay off last month, will be back today filling in for me as I head to Madison for a the Saint Mary Central boys basketball game on our sister station AM 1280 WNAM. We've received permission to use Kate on a limited part-time basis whenever Bob or I cannot be on the air. So welcome back Kate!!

Now to the business of the day.

Why do I continue to doubt the Oshkosh North Boys Basketball team? Late in last Saturday's sectional final game, I figured we would not be doing any state hoops action here on WOSH--since it appeared North was hopelessly out of it against Sheboygan South. But the Spartans pulled it out and made it down to Madison. I'm ashamed to admit, but I didn't think we would be doing a second game today when I saw that North was getting Milwaukee Washington in the quarterfinals on Thursday--but again the Spartans proved me to be a fool--as they vanquished the Purgolders. But didn't you think that when Tank Johnson fouled out in the 4th quarter that Washington was going to go on a big run to send North back home?

Since I'm superstitious about sports, I will again prepare myself--and the station computer--for a North loss today against Racine Horlick. Hopefully guaranteeing a Spartan win. Now I'm torn over what to do if North faces my old team, Bay Port, in the D-one finals. I'm afraid the old school will have to win out in that one.

I'm hoping my lack of faith will also pay off for the Wisconsin Badgers today. I have them losing to Florida State in the first round. In years when I have picked the Badgers to go far in the tournament, they have been bounced on the opening weekend. The years they went to the Final Four and the Elite Eight, I've had them out in my pool early. Perhaps everyone else should be booking hotel rooms in Detroit for the first weekend in April.


  1. Luck to the Spartans.
    Second place to Bay Port would be GREAT!
    The Badgers have a great chance for an UPSET. They should do well Sleep all day and PARTY ALL NIGHT. Isn't that what they do best in MADISON? Go Wisconsin.
    Safe travels for all!

  2. watch this:

  3. "Around that same time, I would head to Detroit and warn the Big Three Automakers not to sign labor contracts guaranteeing health insurance coverage for retirees and full pay for workers that are laid off. I would try to tell them that the labor peace they were achieving that day was just sowing the seeds of their own destruction. I should probably read the UAW officials Aesop's Fable about the Goose that laid the Golden Egg."

    The death of unions will be at their own hand, coming from their own greed.