Friday, June 25, 2010


Once again, the people have spoken--and their voices have been...........ignored.

The WIAA Board of Control votes to create a new high school football "Superconference"--forcing the Fox Valley Association and the Wisconsin Valley Conference to play each other in football only. That vote comes despite opposition from all of the teams in the FVA who feel they are being "bullied" into the merger. Concerns about late night bus trips during the school week, increased transportation costs for sports programs that are already short on funds and disruption of long-time rivalries have all been ignored. Enjoy those 90-minute each way drives to Marshfield and Wisconsin Rapids, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac fans!!

Kind of reminds you of the votes on a certain Health Care Reform Bill in Washington, doesn't it? Although, Board of Control members don't have to go back to their districts to face angry constituents at Town Hall meetings--or campaign challengers at the polls.

While we are ripping on the Board of Control....I'm glad to see we are another step closer to making sure every student-athlete goes home with a trophy. The BOC has also approved adding another division to the high school basketball playoffs. Now, five teams will get to claim State Championships each year. More teams will also be Sectional Champions and Regional Champions.

I know the "Hoosiers"-type, Cinderella story of a small school beating a big school for the title has happened just once--but doesn't having fewer classes make capturing that championship seem a little more special? I remember some Kohler teams with Joe Wolf and Randolph teams with talented big men that could have given the Milwaukee and Madison teams a serious run for their money.

Maybe if I can generate enough opposition to that idea, the Board of Control will approve it.

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