Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Going On, Jonathan?

Why do I get the feeling my phone will be a little busier than usual today?

For the 85% of Oshkosh residents who don't get the paper, it's reporting today that I am a candidate for the 54th Assembly District this fall:

That is mostly correct. I am certainly interested in running, but this is just the beginning of a process to becoming an official candidate. Think of it as "forming an exploratory committee." Nobody can run for a public office like that without assembling a huge team of volunteers and without raising enough money to drown out the special interest groups and their attack ads. And if I'm going to give up my job (required for broadcasters looking to get into politics), it would behoove me to make sure that I am getting in there with a fighting chance.

Response around town to the mere discussion of a potential run has been very positive--usually preceeded with "Thank God!!" so that is encouraging. Just give me a couple of weeks here to get ducks in a row and there will be some formal announcement of "go" or "no go". If you wake up one morning and you don't hear me on the air you'll know what happened to me.

That or I've figured out my ballstriking problems and have decided to turn pro in golf. It never hurts to have options.


  1. You get a no vote from me. Your negative attitude will never make it in Madison.

  2. By "negative" do you mean NO more $2.7 billion dollar deficit, NO $5 billion dollars in new taxes, NO more fraud and waste in government spending and NO $800-million dollar high speed rail line?

  3. I feel you would be a good person to have in Madison with your common sense. However, because you are that type of person that should be there, you won't make it. You're too honest. I had a friend that ran a few years ago and didn't make it. He too was the type of person we needed, but was too honest not to sling mud. I predicted my friend wouldn't make it and I hope I'm wrong, but I'll bet you won't make it either.

  4. Go for it Jonathan. This spending black hole which we are spiriling down into must be stopped. Please help to avoid this high speed train wreck! I don't care if they are federal dollars. We have to change this attitude of grabbing for the goodies. Federal dollars are your money and your children's future being wasted.