Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

Republican candidate for Governor Mark Neumann is either very brave--or very foolish. Neumann crashed the Democratic Convention in Madison--holding a press conference Saturday while Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was making his endorsement speech. If you want to get media attention I guess that is one way to do it. But how could his handlers expect to get a positive reaction? Did they think they could find a Republican in Madison? Did Neumann think that his answering questions from the most hardcore Democratic supporters would somehow change their minds on Big Government, higher taxes and more debt? So he ends up with pictures of him all over the internet with dozens of Barrett for Governor signs behind him. Not sure what that campaign gained there.

I feel sorry for today's kids. The Karate Kid and the A-Team are the biggest hits at the box office? Is there anything original anymore? Their songs today steal riffs from past hits, their TV shows are remakes of junk we watched in the '80's and so are the movies now. Can a remake of "Tron" be far away--or the return of "BJ and the Bear". (Heidi Montag for "Stacks" please). Not only will they be the first American generation to have less personal wealth and assets than their parents--they will also be the first to have fewer cultural advancements as well.

You've got to hand it to the South African World Cup fans. They have somehow come up with a way to make soccer even less enjoyable to watch. The constant buzzing of "Vuvuzelas" threatens to drown out the TV announcers in broadcasts. My wife can't stand them--wondering why the fans don't just cheer. "Cheer what?" I asked her, "We are talking about soccer here." It sounds like all of the stadiums have been overrun by swarms of killer bees. Even the players are complaining about the noise--saying it distracts them from not trying to score. World Cup officials are considering a vuvuzela ban--which will likely result in rioting.

I should have made better use of the two weeks of summer we had back in May. I guess someone should have told us that those would be the only warm sunny days we would have for the rest of the year. Good thing I got my farmers tan early--since we haven't seen much of the sun since. Stupid global warming.

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  1. There's no remake that I'm aware of, but there's a sequel to "TRON" comingout on Dec. 17th.