Monday, June 27, 2011

Disorder In the Court

What the hell is going on with the Wisconsin Supreme Court?  A Justice accused of choking another judge?  The alleged victim accused of charging the alleged offender?  The alleged attacker admitting to calling the alleged victim a "bitch"?  Is this State Supreme Court or WWE RAW?

As a sports fan, I know that sometimes a little clubhouse fight is actually good for a team--getting rid of some hard feelings and frustrations.  But the Supreme Court is not the 1978 New York Yankees with Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin duking it out in the shower.  It is a court of law and this behavior needs to stop immediately!!

Justice David Prosser is claiming that once the "facts come out" it will be found that he did not choke Justice Ann Walsh Bradley.  Unfortunately, Prosser is providing some conflicting accounts of what happened--as the initial version included "palyful hands to the throat" switching in later statements to "no contact at all". 

One thing should be clear, if there was any physical contact, Justice Prosser has to go.  Immediate resignation--do not pass Go, do not collect $200.  GONE.  There is absolutely no place for physical contact between two co-workers--especially contact that can construed as life-threatening.  And if Justice Prosser's initial version of the incident is true--"She came at me in a rage, I 'playfully' put my hands around her neck" then Justice Bradley has to go as well.  No matter how nasty the debate--rushing your opponent is unacceptable as well.  And if it turns out that none of this happened at all--then Justice Bradley still has to go--since she was the one who went running to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to level the accusations.  Even if she is "slightly exaggerating" the situation, her allegations have cast such doubt on the ability of the high court to do its job that she will have to step down to ensure public trust can be restored.

The Capitol Police Chief is scheduled to hold a press conference today to provide the details that his department has been able ascertain.  Let's hope that there is full disclosure--regardless of whom it might embarrass--so that we can rid the court of "problem children" and get back to doing what we actually elect them to do.

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