Friday, June 10, 2011

Trivia Time!!

I know that most of you probably don't read a lot of David McCullough biographies or watch the actual "history" shows that History Channel airs when it's not carrying "Pawn Stars" or "Swamp People"--but I thought it might be fun to play a little History Trivia this morning.  We'll review the answers at the end.

--What famous Abolitionist shouted at fellow lawmakers who had just approved the Missouri Compromise--extending slavery to the West and bringing the US closer to civil war--"You're f---ing dead!!"?
A--John Quincy Adams
B--No one would have done such a thing--no matter how heated the debate on the floor was

--How many Wisconsin State Senators were recalled after voting to ban the death penalty in 1853?
B--No State Senators were recalled over that controversial vote.

--Where did beer lovers set up tent cities to protest the passage of Prohibition?
A--All around the US Capitol
B--People were too busy working to feed their families to set up tent cities anywhere

--How many Special Olympics events did Ghandi interrupt to make his point about British oppression of the Indians?
B--Ghandi never crashed a Special Olympics event

--In what year did Martin Luther King lead his famous "Zombie March" in Selma, Alabama?
B--Martin Luther King never led a "Zombie March"--he probably didn't even know what a zombie was.

--To what country did Republican members of Congress flee to prevent a vote on Obamacare last year?
B--None--as Republicans stayed in Washington, voted against the Health Care Bill and accepted their defeat on the issue

If you answered "B" to all of the questions above, Congratulations!  You win today's History Quiz and are obviously wise and you probably have your personal finances in order as well.

If you answered "A" to any of the questions above you are probably one of those involved in the myriad of sign-toting, chant-intoning, Zombie-infested protests who can't figure out why no one is taking you seriously.

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