Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama vs Obama

You know who I would like to see run against President Barack Obama this year?  2008 Illinois Senator Barack Obama.  Senator Obama would probably have a lot of issues with President Obama--and the spirited (and scripted) debates would make for some very entertaining television.

Senator Obama would take President Obama to task for keeping American troops in Afghanistan for four years--and in Iraq for more three additional years.  Senator Obama would decry President Obama's use of warrantless wiretapping of US citizens--arguing that state secrets are warrant alone for maintaining a practice Senator Obama promised to end.  Senator Obama would rail against President Obama sending in warplanes to provide support to rebel fighters in Libya--as Senator Obama pointed out that the 'President does not have the power to unilaterally authorize a military attack without imminent threat to the nation."

Senator Obama would also attack President Obama for continuing to keep open the "most egregious example of human rights violations in our history"--Guantanamo Bay.  Senator Obama would whip his liberal followers into a frenzy by pointing out the President Obama continues to hold terror suspects indefinitely--and just recently granted himself the power to hold American citizens without charges or trial--again indefinitely.  I can hear the laughter and the howls that Senator Obama would draw as he points out President Obama's promise that he would "never use that power myself".

Senator Obama would give President Obama a slight pat on the back for taking on trillions of dollars worth of health care expenses--but would quickly jab the President for not going to the only "fair" route and establish a single-payer system for all citizens.  Senator Obama would question President Obama's deporting more illegal aliens in his three years in office than the evil President Bush did in eight.  And Senator Obama would be leading the calls for the dismissal of Attorney General Eric Holder for authorizing "Operation Fast and Furious"--mocking the idea that giving Mexican drug cartels weapons to see what might happen is without a doubt the stupidest law enforcement strategy in the history of the country.

So lets fix the Flux Capacitor on the DeLorean and go back in time to bring 2008 Senator Barack Obama to 2012 to take on President Barack Obama.  We'll call it "Hope and Change" versus "Reality and the Status Quo".

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