Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh The Hypocrisy!!

I'm glad to see that the internet remains safe for the unauthorized broadcast and distribution of copyrighted TV shows, movies and music.  You may have seen the ballyhoo yesterday as websites like Wikipedia and Google "blacked out" some content as a form of protest over what they feel is undeserved Government regulation of the "freedoms" of the internet.  Their argument is that while the anti-piracy legislation would not affect them directly--it would "open the door" to further Government regulation of internet content down the road.  The public outcry fostered by these "brave stands" have lawmakers in Washington now backtracking faster than Vice President Joe Biden after being allowed to say anything at a public function.

I'm sorry, but aren't these the very same people who have been demanding more Government regulation of health care, banking, Wall Street, food production, tobacco use, vehicle emissions, sex education in schools, product safety, air travel, political advertising, wages, energy use, cellular phone rates, recycling, what light bulbs we can use in our homes, home mortgages, hiring practices, mining, and oil drilling--to name just a few?  Amazing isn't it, that as soon as Uncle Sam comes to the wild, wild west of the internet and wants to lay down a few laws--suddenly the Government is trying to take away our freedoms!!

And this is liberal-on-liberal violence that we are trying to prevent here!  How can Disney continue to afford to provide benefits to the same-sex partners of its employees if people are just downloading illegal copies of Toy Story 3 instead of buying the Blu-Ray/DVD +BD Live combo packs for for $30.99?  And if people watch secretly-videotaped posts of their new release movies--instead of actually going to the theater--how will Sean Penn afford to provide rescue boats for the people "Republicans don't care about" after our next hurricane?  And how will Steven Spielberg be able to host gala Hollywood fundraising receptions for President Obama?

I guess none of this outcry over trying to make people actually pay for something that has value should surprise us.  Especially when we're dealing with those who think health care, higher education and transportation should all be "magically" provided to everyone "for free" as well.

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  1. The issue on this is that those not actually engaged in piracy can be severely punished by the law as it stands. One of the supporters finally had to admit this the other day on the radio, but only after the host kept asking the same question. It's like shutting down GM because a terrorist used a Chevy van to blow something up. Go after the pirates, not the ISPs.