Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Founding 1%

Liberals have a new reason to hate the Founding Fathers:  It turns out that some of our first Presidents were One-Percenters.

Just in time for Presidents Day on Monday, the website 24/7 Wall Street has figured out the net worth of all 43 men who have held the office--with those numbers adjusted for inflation. 


It turns out that our first President--George Washington--is the the richest President as well.  His wealth in 2012 dollars would be 525-million dollars.  The second richest President was Thomas Jefferson--with a net wealth of 212-million dollars.  James Madison--the fourth President and a framer of the Constitution--is fifth on the list with a net value of 101-million.

That certainly explains a lot doesn't it?  No wonder the Constitution doesn't include a clause requiring the Federal Government to provide "free" health care to everyone.  That would be the reason the Constitution doesn't give Congress or the President the power to require people to buy health insurance.  That must be why Thomas Jefferson didn't make the University of Virginia a totally-free institution when he founded it.  And now we know why the first two amendments to the Constitution prevent the Government from interfering with people's rights to practice their religion (apart from Government itself) and allow them to keep and bear arms.  Who else besides a 1% 'er would "cling to God and their guns"--to quote our current President.  Without all that wealth, the Founders would have known the most important right we have as Americans is access to free birth control pills.

The list also explains why Herbert Hoover "allowed" the country to fall into the Great Depression--he was the seventh richest President.  Good thing the 8th richest President--Franklin Roosevelt--wasn't tainted by his status as a 1%'er so that he could spend the country out of the Depression (OK, it was actually our involvement in World War II that ended the Depression--but liberals aren't big on historical accuracy--so let them believe what they want).

It's obvious that the #Occupy movement came 224-years too late.  If only they could have rioted outside Constitution Hall while those One-Percenters were drawing up the blueprint for our nation--we would be the Socialist Utopia that is soooooo much better than the free-market democracy we've had to suffer through since 1787.

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  1. World War 2 ended the Great Depression...

    What was World War 2? A massive government stimulus program financed through deficeit spending....

    Is Mr. Krause a Keynsian now?