Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Skip Ahead a Bit

Can we skip ahead to the part where we vote in the recall election?  I ask because the longer this verification part goes on--the more frustrated and angry everyone is going to become.

Let's just fast-forward through the part where the Government Accountability Board gets sued because it refuses to hear from people who say they are on the recall petitions--but that isn't their signature--and the part where collectors admit they were given "bonuses" for adding names and addresses just to fill out petitions--and the part where somebody finds fifty dead people have signed as well.  There won't be half-a-million signatures to throw out, so let's do away with all of the challenges and verify the thing.  The more the GAB looks like goof-balls, the more it undermines the election process for real contests in the future.

We can also skip over the dance some Democrats are doing with the "am I running or am I not running" decision.  As has been mentioned in this space before, no big names are getting in the race because there isn't enough time to raise the gobs of money to have a chance--and if you do win, you can't do what the unions that are pushing this whole thing are demanding you do without busting the budget again--so what is the point?

And we can certainly 86 the all of the recall campaign ads that will saturate the airwaves all spring and summer long.  Here's a brief summary in just 30-seconds total.  WEAC says because of Scott Walker's budget cuts, teachers are holding classes in bathroom stalls.  AFSCME says that because of Scott Walker's proposed cuts to Familycare, seniors are already living on the streets.  The state Democratic Party says a John Doe investigation shows Scott Walker is a crook.  The Walker campaign points out Kathleen Falk left Dane County with an 11-million dollar budget deficit--and proposed a 22% property tax increase to fix it.  And the state Republican Party says out-of-state unions are shoveling millions of dollars into Wisconsin to undermine the vote of the people.  Anything I missed there?

So let's just skip ahead to voting part--is tomorrow too soon?  That way, when the warm weather returns to Wisconsin in a couple of months, we can all just sit back and enjoy it.


  1. Actually you can't do what the unions are asking no matter what. Does anyone think the Assembly is going to flip anytime soon, especially with redistricting? If that doesn't happen, and it won't, then no law currently on the books will be undone. The unions will have to get used to living with Act 10 because, sadly, it's here to stay.

  2. Hear, hear. I don't agree with all of the above -- but the games being played and debates about the petitions are just adding to anger and divisiveness in our fair state, allowing pols to deflect attention from their inaction. (Loved that "jobs session" in the legislature, with such loser leadership.)