Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When Republicans Attack

I fully expect Republicans to make asses of themselves when President Obama comes to visit Master Lock in Milwaukee today.  Thousands will call in sick so they can go down there to protest against the President.  Sickout rates will be so high that I expect businesses in Brookfield and Waukesha will likely have to shut down for the day.  Of course, no one will get in trouble--because there will be a bunch of neurologists, cardiologists and plastic surgeons on-hand to write everyone fake sick notes.

Once they get there, the Republican protesters will sing songs about how President Obama is trampling the Constitution and driving the country so deep into debt we can never get out.  There will be GOP operatives on-hand circulating petitions to impeach the President.  Those heading in to the plant will be videotaped--and their conversations will be secretly recorded.  Signs will be everywhere proudly telling the President that the protesters are part of the 1%.

Once the President arrives at the plant, the Republicans will begin chanting "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!" as he walks in.  There might even be a few GOP state lawmakers there telling him he's "f---ing dead!"  While touring the plant, the President will get glitter-bombed by a Republican hoping to bring greater attention to increased estate taxes.

As the President gets ready for his speech, members of the 1% will walk in front of the stage--turn their backs to Mr Obama--and give the "rich power salute"--a raised fist clenching a $100 bill.  The President's speech will then be interrupted repeatedly by hard-core pro-lifers screaming about how Obama is an "abortionist" and a "baby killer".

And once the President--and the TV cameras--are gone, the Republicans will return to their Chambers of Commerce and their country clubs to pat themselves on the backs and to congratulate each other on showing the President "what democracy looks like."

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