Wednesday, August 8, 2012


President Ronald Reagan famously touted his "11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Speak Badly of a Fellow Republican".  That is getting a lot of people worried about the GOP Senate race here in Wisconsin, as the front-runners try to tear each other to shreds in an effort to portray themselves as the "Most Conservative" guy in the race.  But I'm not that concerned about it.  Plus, Republicans are so good at attack politics!

Let's be honest here, nobody in the Senate race has said anything that isn't true.  Tommy supported ObamaCare, Hovde supported TARP and the stimulus and Mark Neumann is not a career politician only because he keeps losing elections.  Besides, how are Democrats going to use that stuff against the eventual nominee anyway?

(Angry Voiced Announcer Woman) "Tommy Thompson supported the flawed ObamaCare plan that will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars"  (Gentle Voiced Announcer Woman) "Tammy Baldwin has been a long-time supporter of a Single Payer Health Care System so that the 50-percent of people who actually pay Federal taxes will pick up the cost of everyone's health care every year!"


Angry Voiced Announcer Guy) "Eric Hovde is flip-flopping on stimulus funding--supporting the President's first stimulus--but now calling a second stimulus a 'waste of taxpayer money'"  (Gentle Voiced Announcer Guy) "Tammy Baldwin supported the first stimulus plan and will work with President Obama to continue spending as much money we don't have as possible to create no additional jobs!"

I prefer to see this campaign as nothing more than the proper vetting of a candidate.  It's something that Decmocrats aren't nearly as good at.  You don't think Hillary Clinton doesn't regret bringing up President Obama's total lack of understanding of how the private sector works, his ties to big money socialists and his belief that the only way to get out of debt is to keep spending more while they were engaged in the 2008 primary campaign?  Instead, she treated him with kid gloves, thinking she could just play up the "I lived in the White House for eight years so I know what's going on and he doesn't" angle.

So just sit back and enjoy the final week of Republican on Republican violence--for as it says in Proverbs: "Steel sharpens steel".

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