Friday, August 24, 2012

Torpedoes!! Coming in from the Right!!

There's nothing like inane comments from members of the Religious Right to derail a Republican campaign.  For a few fleeting days after the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney's campaign appeared to be gaining momentum with voters--as it became clear the focus of the campaign was going to be on real economic recovery and long-term debt reduction.  But then, along comes Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri with his anti-abortion, "legitimate rape" statements--and his refusal to not only admit that he is an idiot, but also his refusal to get out of the race so that someone with proper priorities can get on the ballot--to turn the focus to something no one cares about.

Poll after poll after poll shows that voters are concerned about the economy, job security and creation, the federal deficit, and health care.  President Obama and every other Democrat have nothing to run on when it comes to any of those issues (unless you like double dip recessions, permanent un- and under-employment, a deficit greater than our gross domestic product and major steps toward nationalization of the health care system).  But comments like those of Congressman Akin give Democrats plenty of talking points in painting fiscal conservatives as being tied to the religious extremists who tend to alienate average voters.

Let me put it this way, banning abortion is not going to fix Medicare and Social Security.  Prohibiting gay marriage will not create a single job.  Allowing prayer in public schools will not reduce the deficit.  And banning Sharia law is not going to lower the cost of medical care.  And if you think it is sooooooo important that those issues be injected into the "national discussion" you will find out in November that not only are you not going to get the "social change" you want--but you aren't going to get the economic and fiscal policy change either.  And with that, we ALL lose.

So please, I am begging of those who believe government should be guided by the Bible to please sit down and keep your opinions to yourself, so that those of us who believe in the Constitution can have a chance to win.

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