Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Thing to Add to the List of Things We Can Never Say or Do Again

Did you hear about the controversy a food ad in New York City created last week?  Whole Foods rolled out front window signs showing President Obama touting their fried chicken.  Several media outlets ran stories about how shoppers (no all African-American) were INSULTED that a black man was being used to promote fried chicken.

So I guess depicting people of African-American descent enjoying or advertising certain food products is the latest entry on the list of "THINGS WE CAN NEVER SAY OR DO AGAIN!!".  As one shopper in teh on-line story points out, watermelons are apparently off-limits as well.  Someone should probably alert Popeye's Chicken that the black woman featured in the "Lousiana Fast" TV and print ads is insulting and should be replaced immediately by a white guy.  The same goes for KFC and the African-American man decked out in the groovy 70's gear and an Afro in their current TV campaign--because that is obviously playing up painful stereotypes for viewers.  Thank goodness Colonel Sanders wasn't black or his image would have to come down too.

There are a couple of very ironic things in this "controversy". One, Whole Foods is one of those hippy-dippy, bleeding heart companies that the Left already supports (although the CEO did irritate liberals by calling ObamaCare "facism"--but that was obviously his inner businessman exposing itself).  Most shoppers call the chain "Whole Paycheck Foods" due to the exorbitant prices they charge--because all of their products are organic, free-range, wild-caught, pesticide-free, dolphin-friendly, fair-trade approved.  And that is important to their shoppers--who believe everyone should pay more for their food--instead of using genetically-altered crops to feed billions more people than so-called "natural" processes ever could.

The second irony here is that President Obama is used to shill tons of other stuff already.  As I pointed out a couple of months ago here, you can't log onto the internet without seeing "Obama orders credit card companies to forgive debt" or "President lowers re-fi rates".  And let's not forget the "limited edition" coins, plates, painted quarters and figurines that were sold to commemorate his "Historic First Inauguration".

Anyway, I just hope that all of those "insulted" by President Obama selling fried chicken never read the novel or watch the movie "The Help".  By the way, Fuzzy Zoeller, you are still not off the hook either!

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