Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Twitter--But For Radio

Since social media appears to be the only way to reach people about politics--here are my thoughts on the State of the Union address--180 characters at a time.

--Middle class Americans used to worry about outliving their retirement savings.  Now we have to try to outlive the taxes and debt we are creating in Washington every day.

--It's too bad the "shovel ready" jobs don't actually require the use of shovels anymore.  Hopefully all of those out of work accountants, retail clerks, and marketing specialists can get CDL's real quick.

--If every child has to attend, it's not "pre-school"--it is "school"

--I am now taking bets as to how soon we will have someone in front of the school board talking about the alarming number of 4-year olds who are "not ready to learn"--and how we need 3-year old kindergarten.

--I'm putting the over/under on that previous bet at ten minutes after the first day of "required pre-school".

--Remember how parents used to hold back five-year olds because they "weren't ready for school yet" and needed to spend a little more time at home?

--Has any Presidential message ever fallen on deafer ears than the "men need to stay with the mothers of their children"?

--How effective is the "men help raise your children" message anyway after you've just spent an hour talking about all of the free government programs you are going to provide to "needy kids"?

--What is the timeline before we have to send troops back to Afghanistan to deal with the Taliban and Al Qaeda resurgence there?  I'm putting the over/under at 5 years.

--What does it say about us that the number one most talked about topic from last night is that Senator Ricky Rubio drinks water while giving speeches?

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