Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick Hits

Another late night overtime Stanley Cup Final game has me a little scatter-brained this morning--so I'll just give you some quick hits on a handful of topics.

Republicans are trying to paint the Democrats in the Assembly as "quitters" for not actually bringing any of their 211 budget amendments to the floor on Wednesday--and instead just calling for a vote on the package with hardly any debate.  The truth is if you don't have the votes--you don't have the votes.  There is no sense then in going Don Quixote and continue to tilt at windmills.  Besides, no voters are going to check on WisconsinEye to see if Democrats actually "fought against" measures in the budget like they will all claim on their campaign advertising next year.

I had to give a thumbs up to Representative Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh on Twitter and Facebook yesterday for his reference to Boba Fett in a press release on his opposition to the legalization of bailbondsmen in the new budget.  For those not in the know, Boba Fett is a cult favorite character in the Star Wars films who is trying to collect a huge bounty on Han Solo.  It would have been easy for Representative Hintz to pick the lame "Dogg the BountyHunter" as his cultural reference--but he went Old School instead and made me smile.  That being said, have bailbondsmen working in Wisconsin might thin out the file I have here in the Newsroom of cases currently on hold because the defendant has skipped town on bond.  I believe those on the Left always like to say "Justice delayed is Justice denied."

I expect a flurry of angry feedback from UW System officials following a report that claims they are doing a very poor job of teaching future teachers.  The education programs throughout the System get low ratings--including a 1&1/2 star for UW Oshkosh and their elementary education program and one star for secondary education.  However, I would argue that the UW schools are merely providing their customers with what they want.  Read the "mission statements" of districts in our area.  Here what Oshkosh has for their mission:

 The mission of the Oshkosh Area School District System is to create citizens who are critical, creative thinkers, responsible in their actions, and committed to learning for life by working together with families and communities. 

Do you find the terms "skills" or "knowledge" anywhere in there?  If that isn't what schools are looking for--why train instructors to be able to provide them?

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  1. Someone should give you a couple of quick hits with a Stanley Cup every day. If this is you being "scatterbrained" it's a lot better and more interesting than your laser-focus on mean-spiritedness. Mean-spiritedness is great if it's cleared with me first and aimed at targets of my choice, otherwise it's thuggish and a sign of bad character.
    Yesterday your Vengeful Elmo on a Don't Rant was the stuff of youthful nightmares. I was going to comment but opted to bang my head on my keyboard 3 times and go take a brain scrubbing nap instead.
    re: the quitter thing, makes no sense. Vos said he wanted it fast and dirty, he gets what he wants. Call it bi-partisanship and everyone can go home. If I was in Assembly I'd have Sims on a laptop and not even notice Ellis. And it may not have been the lack of votes thing, maybe they just didn't wanna hear the dulcet tones of Vinehout's voice. Whutizthat. btw Both of youze should get offa Facebook, they put Always On apps on your smartphone (at the expense of YOUR battery) and are all around evil. E.V.I.L.
    If anyone needs to be sat down and Don't-Ranted at by Elmo, it's Zuckerberg who is obviously disgusting Ferengi petaQ.
    I'm too lazy to sign in, you know who this is.