Monday, June 24, 2013

The War of the Roses--21st Century Edition

In case you are wondering what debt-free couples argue about since there are no concerns about money, I can tell you it is things like air conditioning.  I'm sure that I have mentioned before that I like it hot.  90's and muggy?  No problem.  However, my wife is of the opinion that anything over 70 is too warm for humans to exist on the planet and cold air must be pumped on her at all times in those conditions.

That is now leading to discussions about what is the best way to cool our home in the summer.  We have employed through the window AC units in the past--but having just replaced all of our windows, we would prefer not to beat them up with the installation and removal of those units anymore.  So the choices are narrowed to the ductless systems sold by Mitsubishi Electric or installation of central air (and ductwork) throughout the house.

Personally, the ductless units are the preferred choice--as it is cheaper and requires less construction work inside the house.  My wife is partial to central air--as it will keep the house at a constant (and likely too cold for me) temperature every day.  But the catch is, the budget to pay for that work won't be met until after this summer--meaning no relief for her this season.

I know people like to call such home improvements "investments"--but to me an air conditioning system is akin to buying a boat.  And as any boat owner will tell you, buying one is definitely not an investment.  Sure, when the weather is nice, you use the boat--but for the vast majority of the time, it just sits there.  And does using something just a few days a year really justify the expense?

Furthermore, our overly-air conditioned buildings require us to stay shut in 12-months out of the year.  Whenever I visit people with central air, they have all the doors and windows closed--because they don't want the cool air getting out.  One of the things about winter that drives me crazy is that your constantly locked in--with no sun coming in.  Give me some natural light and breeze blowing through!

And the AC culture has also changed the way our society interacts.  You know why houses used to have porches?  Because people would sit on them to escape the heat building up in the house.  And when they were outside, they would actually talk to people passing by on the sidewalk and get to know their neighbors (usually through complaining about how hot it is).  Now, everybody pulls into the climate-controlled garage, closes the insulated door and hurries into the sealed house to huddle under their HVAC vents for fear of melting if it gets over 68-degrees.

So join me on the NO AIR CONDITIONING side.  Open those windows! Sit in the shade! Make some lemonade or iced tea!  And enjoy the cycle of the seasons we have here in Wisconsin--instead of living in hermetically-sealed environments where nothing ever changes.  If it helps, just remember the ice storms of April--that should cool you down.

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  1. Okay. You have no idea how resentful your wife is right now. It's bad enough you're putting your comfort ahead of hers, but to add insult to injury with your Let's Pretend It's Mayberry condescension omg not cool First, Oshkosh is not Mayberry, and people being kept behind locked doors over there is a GOOD thing. And I know my neighbors enough to know I don't want to know them any better. Be serious. Yours are probably sick of you too. Do them a favor, stay inside.
    And, yeah you may enjoy heat, but Mr. you're playing with fire.
    When the wife is happy, everyone is happy. And you don't want boiling resentment to alter her VOTING HABITS, do you? Her brain may cook and she'll vote straight Dem party every time for the rest of her days, EVEN (especially) when YOU are running. You'll never know. Case in point - my father pretends he's a Democrat, I won't say why but if I explained it would make sense to you. Anyways, there's no way that man is a Democrat. Once he's in that voting booth he's a free man and does what he wants.

    Go get your Bible, You'll see in it many worthy exhortations to buy the wife air conditioning. Verily I say unto you. Ephesians5:33 Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

    Get that AC and enjoy some reverence from the Mrs. You're in that marriage for a lot longer than the next few penny-pinching months you have planned there. And once she gets old enough to start having hot flashes, AC becomes basic self-defense (for you)
    Don't be a short-term obsessed Republican. We have enough of those on the planet.If you don't buy her that AC I'll become her email friend and give her tons of marital advice. I don't think you want that to happen.

    p.s. the only people who have "climate controlled garages" are your 1 percenter pals.