Tuesday, July 23, 2013

As George Washington Spins In His Grave

On July 4th of 1776, 56 men (including one Arthur Middleton--likely related to the Duchess of Cambridge) signed a document declaring that they no longer wanted anything to do with the English Monarchy.  They felt that power and rule should be determined by the people being governed--not by the birth order of a in-bred, half-mad family.  They felt so strongly about that ideal that they fought two wars against the most powerful army and navy in the world so that we Americans would never have to care if some princess had a baby or not.

Unfortunately, on July 22nd of 2013 you would have thought all of that effort was for naught, as millions of Americans were bombarded by television, radio and internet coverage of a duchess having a baby.  What made this media frenzy even more inappropriate is that the child won't actually rule over anything--unlike a prince born in 1776 would have.  And yet there were all these "journalists" falling all over themselves to project when this tiny figurehead might actually get to wear a crown.

In a way, I guess the media deserves a bit of a break.  Under our form of government, it would be impossible to promote or provide live coverage of "THE BIRTH OF A PRESIDENT!!".  You would have had to be at just the right log cabin in Kentucky, farmhouse in Illinois or mudhut in Kenya (JUST KIDDING!!) to have had coverage of some Presidential births.  Joseph Kennedy, Sr. would have insisted on coverage of the birth of Joe, Jr--not John--as he was the one who was going to be groomed for the White House.

And that is what is so great--still--about America (despite what liberals would tell you about lack of "class advancement"): that anyone can still grow up to be President.  Do you think anybody who shopped at Harry Truman's clothing store left saying "That guy behind the register would make a great President!"?  Or movie-goers leaving Bedtime for Bonzo told each other "If that Ronald Reagan ever runs for President, I'm voting for him!"?  Or that the Harvard students who took Barack Obama's handful of lectures thought "We really should have a Socialist President!"?

We may have just celebrated the accomplishments of the Founding Fathers on July 4th--but there should have been another round of fireworks, parades and backyard barbecues yesterday as well--just to remind ourselves and everyone else that we still have the best system of governance in the world.

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