Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pawn to e4

You can now add those without health insurance to the elderly, women and racial minorities as groups the Democratic Party plays like pawns for their political gains.  In 2008 the uninsured were told "Vote for us and we will force your employer to provide you with 'affordable' health insurance!"  In 2009 the Dems delivered on that threat--I mean promise--with the Affordable Care Act--but all of the requirements for coverage were conveniently pushed out to 2014--well into what they hoped would be President Obama's second term--even though we were told time and again that this was something that was "desperately needed!".

In 2010 they ran on the platform of "Keep us in power or your 'guaranteed' coverage will be repealed!".  In 2012 the message was "We are giving you coverage in 2014--reward us with four more years--or it might still be taken away!"  But now--on the eve of delivering what had been promised for nearly 6-years--President Obama and the Democrats are moving the goal line even further away.

If you believe White House "strategist" Valerie Jarrett, business owners were still too confused--after four years to work this out--to meet the coverage requirement.  Add to that, the Federal Government still hadn't figured out--after four years--just how it was going to verify and enforce the law.  Given the pace of action in the monolithic Central Government, that could be a plausible explanation.  But the astute observer would notice that 21-Democratic seats are up for election in the Senate in 2014--compared to just 14-Republican seats.  That means control of the chamber is up for grabs next year--and the last things Democratic incumbents need is a bunch of pissed off voters whose employers decided to drop their health care plan in favor of just paying the fine--I mean tax (for constitutional purposes)--which will actually be cheaper.

Add to that the fact that the individual mandate for coverage is still scheduled (for now anyways) to go into effect on January 1st--meaning those who will remain uncovered by their employers in 2014 will be forced--by law--to purchase their policies in the more expensive health care exchanges.  Of course, Democrats won't focus on the increased costs borne by workers under the Affordable Care Act.  Instead, they will tout the increased number of people who now have insurance (under the threat of a fine--I mean tax (for constitutional purposes)--because of their handiwork!  And what's more, they can run out the tired threats of "You'll lose your insurance if we lose!" one more time.

So enjoy you new status as political pawns, uninsured Americans.  It's the price you pay when you want the Government to provide for your every need.

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