Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Since We've Solved All Other Problems.......

In the early days of our country--when we were a rural, agrarian society--serving in government was a rather arduous endeavor.  It wasn't easy to get to meetings, and often politicians were needed on their farms and plantations, so government bodies met far less frequently.  Congress would never meet during the summer and early fall, nor would state legislatures, school boards, county boards and other bodies--since people had much more important things to do.  And when those representatives would convene, that precious time would be spent on vital issues like budgets, taxes and regulation of commerce and development.

But as America became more urban, more mechanized and more electrified, politicians had to work less at home and therefore had more time to dedicate to their "elected duties".  Meetings became more common and the scope of the issues grew to include many topics I'm sure the Founding Fathers never really considered that Government would really need to cover.  One example of that would be the proposed ordinance in Green Bay that would ban the wearing of saggy pants.

Alderman Dave Boyce is under the impression that people are showing off their underwear as a "shout out" to those in prison and in gangs.  (Apparently, Alderman Boyce hasn't seen a hip hop video in the last 25-years.  Remember when wearing clothes backwards had its 15-minutes of fame, or outrageous numbers of gold chains or ball caps on sideways?  All from rap artists looking for a way to separate themselves from the rest of the talentless pack.)  So what should be precious time spent on far more pressing issues--like finding ways to lower property taxes--members of the Green Bay City Council are wasting time debating if banning saggy pants represents "racial profiling"--and if fat guys who can't admit their pants size has doubled since they were in high school and plumbers should be cited as well for having their butt cracks hanging out for everyone to see.

Perhaps us Conservatives who keep calling for less Government--should also push for Government less often.

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