Friday, July 10, 2015

Social Justice In Action

It certainly has not been a good summer for those who espouse more "progressive" forms of law enforcement in America.  The idea of neutering police actions and is turning many cities--with overwhelming Democratic leadership--into killing fields--all in the name of "Social Justice". 

In San Francisco, an illegal immigrant who had been deported from the US FIVE previous times took advantage of the "Sanctuary City" status to live without fear of arrest--until shooting a woman to death at a pier popular with tourists.  San Francisco's Sheriff flatly disregards Federal immigration laws and released the suspect from custody after ICE brought him in.  The "respect" shown to that multiple-time offender leaves the family of a US citizen in mourning.  Oh, and this was another incident that would have NOT been prevented by any kind of current or new gun control law.  The weapon was stolen from the vehicle of a Federal agent--who carries it in the course of his job duties.

And then you have the rash of murders in Chicago--where Mayor Rahm Emanuel touts the "most stringent gun control laws in the country"--you had ten people killed and 55-injured in shooting incidents on the 4th of July weekend.  The response there has been "well our weapons violations sentences aren't tough enough to deter such violence".  Yet there is opposition to making such sentences longer because it is minorities that commit such a large percentage of the gun crimes in Chicago.  A new approach is to now force the surrounding Chicago suburbs to adopt the same gun laws as the city--because that is "obviously where the guns are coming from".

And then you have Baltimore--where the Police Commissioner was fired this week by the Democratic Mayor because of a sharp increase in homicides.  That was the same Mayor who ordered police to "stand down" and give protesters "a place to riot" following the death of a man in police custody this spring.  That death and rioting was followed by a sharp decrease in the number of arrests of African-Americans in the city as officers feared they would be the next to be criminally charged for "mishandling" minority suspects.

To most of us, the increase in violence comes as no surprise.  If you are going to NOT enforce laws, lawlessness is naturally going to increase.  Hopefully the people dodging the bullets in San Francisco, Chicago and Baltimore can still rest easier knowing that their liberal leaders are doing all they can to make sure fewer "segments of the population" are being arrested and sent to prison--because THAT is far more important than feeling safe in your own homes and on the streets.

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