Thursday, July 2, 2015

You Can Always Count On Us!

One of the main arguments that those who support greater Government dependence like to make is that the Government "will always be there".  Social Security will always be your "retirement safety net"--no greedy Wall Street banker is going to steal that like they will your 401(k) or IRA's.  The Affordable Care Act will "always make sure" that you have access to health care--unlike those greedy insurance companies that are just trying to reduce their risk for monster payments that need to be funded by the rest of the people in the risk pool.  And you don't need a car because there will "always" be buses, subways, high speed trains and streetcars to get you within at least a few miles of where you need to go.  Yes, Government will always be there for you.  Except when it isn't.

Milwaukee County Transit System users are finding that out this week, as the bus drivers have gone on strike in protest of a stalemate in contract negotiations with the County.  You would have thought that Act 10 would have prevented something like this--but for some reason, transit workers were exempted from that law so their unions still hold considerable power.  And they are using that power to force the riders that depend on them to either stay home, walk or bike considerable distances or bum a ride.  And the timing of this action couldn't be any worse, as Summerfest is on--which provides some temporary work for many unemployed minority youth in Milwaukee that have no other means of getting to the festival grounds. 

Making things even more interesting, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel investigative reporter Dan Bice has turned up emails showing County Supervisor John Weishan was advising the drivers' union to go on strike this week--saying they need to show that they have "no other choice".  That while Weishan issues press releases criticizing County Executive Chris Abele for using an "expensive chauffeured SUV"--employing the old "class warfare" tactic.  If some of his constituents can't get to work or the doctor or get their kids to daycare--well I guess that's just collateral damage.

Now those who rely on the buses have to hang on for just a couple more days.  This is just a 72-hour job action that started at 3:00 on Wednesday morning.  That means the drivers will return to their routes at 3:00 Saturday morning.  Did anyone notice that Saturday is also a holiday?  And what does working on a holiday mean?  TIME AND A HALF, BABY!!  No statement of solidarity is worth losing out on that!

So I hope that those who have been placed in this situation of being at the mercy of Milwaukee County for their mobility and ability to hold a job enjoy being used as pawns in a political battle.  It's just another "benefit" of Government dependence.

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